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Ramadhãn And the Qur’ãn


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Ramadhãn And the Qur’ãn




Fasting during Ramadhãn has a connection also with the revelation of the Noble Qur’ãn. This connection has many implications. One of these is that – just as if the Qur’ãn were to be revealed in every Ramadhãn, a believer should seek to be like the angels and abandon eating and drinking, and divest himself of the vain preoccupations and gross needs of his carnal self. During Ramadhãn, he should recite or listen to the Qur’ãn as if it were being revealed for the first time or, if he is able, listen to the Qur’ãn as if he were hearing it recited by the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) or by Sayyidniah Jibraeel to Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) revealed by Allah Himself to Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) through Sayyidniah Jibraeel . Also, he should respect the Qur’ãn in the actions of his daily life and, by conveying its message to the others, demonstrate the Divine purpose for revealing the Qur’ãn.


The Muslim world becomes in Ramadhãn like a huge masjid where millions of reciters recite the Qur’ãn, that heavenly address, to the inhabitants of the earth. Demonstrating the reality of the verse, The month of Ramadhãn, in which the Qur’ãn was revealed, Ramadhãn proves itself to be the month of the Qur’ãn: while some members of the vast congregation in that great mosque of the Muslim world listen to its recitation with solemn reverence, others recite it themselves.


The rewards for the good deeds done in Ramadan are multiplied by a thousand. According to one hadith, ten rewards are given for each letter of the Wise Qur’ãn. The recitation of a single letter means ten good deeds, and brings forth ten fruits of Paradise. However, in the whole month of Ramadhãn, the reward for each letter of the Qur’ãn is multiplied not by ten, but by a thousand. Furthermore, the reward for each letter of the holy Qur’ãn recited in the Night of Power is multiplied by thirty thousand. Thus, the Qur’ãn, each of whose letters yields thirty thousand permanent fruits of Paradise, becomes in Ramadhãn like a huge blessed tree which produces for believers millions of permanent fruits of Paradise. Consider, then, how holy and profitable a trade this is, and know in how great a loss those are who do not appreciate the letters of the Qur’ãn!


The one who fasts, should prevent his tongue from lying, backbiting, bad language and indecent talk, and make it busy with the recitation of the Qur’ãn, glorification of Allah, seeking His forgiveness.


In the same way, he should prevent his eyes from looking at, and his ears from listening to, the forbidden things. He should, instead, use his eyes to see such things as those which, for example, will give a spiritual lesson or moral warning; and use his ears to listen to the Qur’ãn.



Islamic Tarbiyah Academy

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