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The Time has Come!


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The time has come!





A tsunami of mercy is about   to hit us. An eruption of mercy is on the verge of explod­ing. A downpour of blessings is on the brink of descending. A gale of light is within sight. A  month is  dawning upon   us  wherein   the clouds shower mercy, the rivers overflow  with mercy, the gardens blossom with mercy, the winds  whistle with  mercy  and  the  waterfalls gush  forth  with  mercy. Our horizons are illu­minated.  The   skies are   radiant.   The   trees seem to be in high spirits. Animals seem to be ecstatic.  Ramadhan is approaching. It is the season of devotions and worship wherein spirituality   reaches   the   highest   peaks.  The root letters of Ramadhan denote incineration of our sins.Ramadhan is a provision for the whole year. It helps one through the remainder of the year until the next Ramadhan. It is like a person crossing the desert.   The   more water, food, and other such provisions a person has, the easier the journey and the safer he will reach his destination. Likewise, the more  the Qur’an tilawah, Salah  and  other  devotions a person has in stock,  the easier the battle will be with the nafs and Shaytan  throughout the year and the safer he will reach the next Ramadhan.The month of  Ramadhan is a time to heal the soul  from  the effects  of  sin.   It is like a sick person who has been deprived of. It is like a sick person   who   has been deprived of medicine for 11 months and then is taken into hospital.


He is given all the care and medication re­quired.  Likewise, Ramadhan is our spiritual hospital.   All the spiritual care and medication is available.  Ramadhan infuses within us the vigor, courage, energy and drive to become Allah conscious. The month of Ramadhan is a time to nourish our souls. It is like a person who has been sur­viving on water and bread for 11 months and then for one month is given all the exquisite dishes of the world. He will eat as much as he can. He will satisfy   his mouth oeverything presented in   front   of    him. Likewise, the month of Ramadhan is where the cuisine of Allah is presented. Every deed is multiplied in reward. Every action emanates a different fra­ grance and blessing. Every act gives off a dis­tinct taste. Ramadhan is the month of the Qur’an. Have a competition within your families. Create an environment   of   Qur’an   tilawah   in   your homes.  The men should   spend as much as time   as they can   in   the   Masajid.   Women should spend   less time in the kitchens   and more time on the Musalla.


We are entering a gold mine. Time is limited. The clock is ticking. Days are passing.  How much gold do you want?  The time has come to return to Allah. His doors are open. Will you enter?


Written by; Mufti Ebrahim Desai


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