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Why do Muslims regard the Qur'aan as a living Miracle?


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why do Muslims regard the Qur'aan as a living Miracle?

  • The Quran is the only book that has remained in its original form since it was revealed. It has, and continues to be memorised word for word, from cover to cover by millions of Muslims throughout the world, thus ensuring that not even a word can be changed.
  • The Quran, revealed more than 1400 years ago has numerous scientific facts that are being validated by science only in this era.
  • It cannot be reproduced by a human : God, in the quran challenges people to reproduce something similar to the Quran:  “Do people imagine that this Qur’an is not from Us, and that you, O Prophet are falsely attributing to us? Tell them that if they are speaking truly they should produce ten surahs (chapters) resembling the Qur’an, and that they are free to call on the aid of anyone but God in so doing.” (11:13)    


  • Oh people, if you doubt the heavenly origin of this Book which We have sent down to Our servant, the Prophet, produce one surah (chapter) like it.” (2:23)

A yet stronger challenge occurs in another chapter:


Or do they say: 'He forged it'? Say: 'Bring then a sura (Chapter) like unto it and call [to your aid] anyone you can”. (10:38)
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