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The Recent ‘Maqra-ah’/Hadith Majlis Trend

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The Recent ‘Maqra-ah’/Hadith Majlis Trend


Attending a few gatherings of completion of hadith books (like the khatm Bukhari) for the purpose of barakah etc is applaudable and encouraged.


However, the recent trend of arranging public ‘maqra-ahs’ (also called Hadith Majlis; swift hadith recitals) of hadith books, like Sahih Bukhari etc. are indeed beneficial for the scholars, but harmful for the layman who doesn’t have a sound grounding in the basic subjects of the Islamic sciences. Such recitals should be held in control environments, for the scholarly only. An ‘under qualified’ layman cannot suffice on mere hadith recitals like these after which ‘ijazah’ (permission) for transmitting hadith is given to all. This could inflate one’s ego more than his knowledge!





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