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Marraige without Wali (consent)?


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This article is not to provide justification for our Sisters to get married without the permission and consent of their Wali (guardian). Rather, we advise Sisters who have Wali (guardian) unreasonably preventing them from fulfilling half of their religion to refer the matter to Islamic Scholars or Islamic Shariah councils and let a Mufti or a Scholar from a Shariah council and let them consider the situation and act as Wali (if necessary) and give them in marriage. 


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate academically that some leeway in the Hanafi School of thought on the matter of marriage without wali (consent) is not without evidence. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, we advise (again) that although leeway does exist our Sisters should opt to consult Islamic Scholars on the matter and let them rule on their individual circumstances and act as their Wali.


Please proceed to read the evidence of the Hanafi School of thought once you have understood the position and rationale behind this article.  Following are some contacts for our Sisters to consult Islamic Scholars and have the Ulama rule on their individual circumstances and assist (if necessary); at the very least local Imam (or local Mosque) should be consulted. Nikah should be publicised and officially endorsed, please also read out detailed article on marriages.


  1. Islamic Tarbiyah Academy (UK)
  2. Birmingham Fiqh Council (UK)
  3. Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation (Chicago, USA)
  4. Shariah Board of New York (USA) [redirect through above site)
  5. Fatwa Centre of America (Rhode Island, USA)
  6. Darul Qasim (Chicago, USA)




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