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Gateway to Arabic Verbs


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Introduction Verbs & Methodology:

In this chapter we introduce the student to Arabic verbs, Insha’Allah. These lessons are primarily based on the book of Shaykh (Dr) Husain Abdul Sattar (HA) and then gradually advance to higher levels. Insha’Allah it is intended that this single page will teach the student which is usually taught to an average Darul-uloom student as far as the science of Arabic verb conjugation is concerned.


In the traditional Darul-uloom system (in India) an average student was expected to recite each table 5 times (in one minute) without breaking his breath! You MUST MASTER these tables through sheer practise and pick up speed to the point where your mind is on “Auto-Pilot” and conjugating at the speed of lightening; there is NO short-cut! The modern students (of today) severely lack the skills to recite and decipher classical text on the fly which inhibits their levels of understanding.


The classical system of reciting, reciting and reciting these tables until you can do so on “Auto-Pilot” still works. Shaykh Abul-Hasan Ali Nadwi (RA) who is considered as one of the Masters of Arabic language of our times used to say that the student should not move on UNLESS & UNTIL he can recite a table of a given verb 5 times (in one minute) without breaking his breath! Test yourself against the method given by one of the Masters of the Arabic language.





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