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Shisha - the Truth


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Al-Mu'min Magazine

Jāmiah Khātamun Nabiyeen (JKN), Bradford UK


Chief Editor: Shaykh Muftil Saiful Islam


A comprehensive and informative article on the harms and rulings of shisha smoking....


  • Change of Rulings with the Change of Circumstances

Some can argue that the previous Indian-subcontinent scholars issued a verdict of Shisha generally being Makrooh-e-Tanzeehi (which merely means disliked but not unlawful). Many Fuqahā (Muslims Jurists) like Imām Ibn Ābideen As-Shāmi v have made it explicit that rulings and verdicts can vary due to the change of time and circumstances that are discussed by the clas-sical scholars in the books related to issuing verdicts.....


  • Background on Shisha (Water-Pipe Tobacco Smoking)

Shisha is a water-pipe used to smoke a flavoured to-bacco known as molasses. There are many common names given to water pipe smoking such as Hukkah, Argileh, Marghile, Shisha and hubble-bubble.......


  • Description of the Usage of the Water-Pipe Smoking

A water-pipe mainly consists of four main parts:


  • Health Effects According to Health Experts

Contrary to what Shisha smokers commonly believe, Shisha is associated with serious health risks......


  • Social Harms According to the ALA (American Lung Association) Report


  • The Islamic Perspective

So far we have looked at the harmful effects of Shisha from a medical perspective, now I shall discuss the Islamic perspective of Shisha................


  • The Opening of Shisha Bars


  • What is the Islamic Ruling of those People’s Income Who Provide Water-pipe Smoking (Shisha)


  • Conclusion......


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12 Secrets You Should Know About Shisha






The information about the effects of Shisha in the body had been written and read by many. But people want to read more about this sensational Shisha. At present, people won’t believe a thing without facts on it. So one would like to know the important details about what about Shisha that makes people so intrigue and what sets it apart from cigarette.  Facts about the inside story why Shisha had the particular effects in the body and why Shisha users want more of it, making them smoke more and more everyday. Does Shisha contain more harmful substance than cigarette smoking? Are there similarities and differences between the Shisha waterpipe and cigarette as to the modality of the harmful substances it can deliver to the body of the user? Questions like these need answers.


This is a point where you ought to know more about Shisha. Here are important secret facts that you need to know.


1. Same effects with cigarette.

Smoking Shisha and breathing second hand smoke from waterpipes can be presumed to have similar effects as exposure to cigarette smoke. The belief of some that Shisha is harmless only leads to their own destruction. Shisha is as dangerous as cigarette smoking.


2.   Shisha contains more carbon monoxide.

Shisha contains carbon monoxide (CO) in amounts equal to or greater than that from cigarettes. CO replaces oxygen on red blood cells, making it harder for the body to
deliver oxygen to vital organs which can later lead to organ damage.


3. Shisha smoking has cancer causing substance.

Smoking Shisha contains significant amounts of nicotine, levels of costic compounds such as tar, carbon monoxide (car exhaust), heavy metals like cobalt, and lead; and a host of cancer causing chemicals.


4.  Prone to Addiction.

Shisha smoking produces similar increased blood nicotine levels and heart rate as cigarette use. The inhaled substances trigger chemical reactions in nerve endings, this release dopamine; which is associated with the feeling of pleasure. This seems to play an important role in nicotine addiction. A Shisha smoker is still smoking tobacco and the nicotine in it causes dependence after using it for several times.


5.  Charcoal in Shisha increased the risk of diseases.

Unlike cigarettes, Shisha smoke may also contain charcoal or wood cinder combustion products from the heat source used to burn the tobacco, increasing the cancer-causing agents in the smoke. Apart from the harmful effect of the chemical, the end product produced by the charcoal only intensifies the damage it can cause to the body.


6. Damaged different body organs.

Shisha smoke is associated with increased risk of disease including cancer, heart disease, lung disease and many other deadly ailments. It might not be noticeable now but the harmful chemicals are already slowly damaging certain parts of the body of a Shisha user.


7. Shisha delivers more smoke in the body.

Of concern, smokers of water pipes may be exposed to even more smoke than cigarette smokers because water pipe smoking sessions last from 20-80 minutes during which a smoker may inhale as much smoke as that from 100 or more cigarettes. This only magnified and multiplied the effects of smoking Shisha.


8.  Known by many names.

So be informed to be familiar, Shisha are one name for waterpipes, which is a method of smoking tobacco. Other names include: hookah, boory, goza, narghile, nargile, arghile, and hubble bubble.


9.  Shisha has a flavoured tobacco.

The most common form of tobacco smoked in a water pipe is called Maassel, which is sweetened and flavored in such flavors as apple, mint, cappuccino, etc.


10. More rampant in some counties.

Shisha water pipes are most common in areas of China, India, Pakistan, and the Eastern Mediterranean Region, as well as United States. Also to be noted, that Shisha outlet had been showing up like mushroom in different parts of the globe today.


11. Shisha has adverse effects during pregnancy.

Pregnant women smoking a Shisha are putting their unborn child at great risk for low birth weight and other birthing problems.


12. Shisha can spread infectious diseases.

Other health risk includes the spread of infectious diseases like tuberculosis, herpes, and hepatitis. Viral infections can be transmitted through the sharing of the same mouthpiece; a common custom in many cultures.


In conclusion, the available evidence suggests that smoking Shisha waterpipes and being exposed to second-hand smoke from water pipes are associated with a high degree of health risk, including cancer risk. There is a widespread misperception that Shisha smoking is safe. In general, people know little about its health effects and believe that it is less harmful than cigarette smoking. Another common misperception among Shisha users is that they will not suffer any adverse consequences if they smoke occasionally rather than daily like most cigarette smokers. Yet even occasional users could be harmed because they probably inhale lot of smoke full of toxic substances during smoking sessions that typically last for 45 minutes to over an hour both directly and through secondhand smoke.


Knowing this facts will aide you now of why Shisha could have this big impact in your health and well being.


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