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Blasting The Foundations Of Atheism - Answering Richard Dawkins' (The God Delusion)


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Blasting The Foundations Of Atheism; Its Pseudoscience and Pseudo-reason


Answering Richard Dawkins' (The God Delusion)

By: AbulFeda‟

About this book

In his bold and bigoted quest to ridicule the very idea of “God” and “religion”, rendering the whole thing as nothing but a big ancient “delusion”, Richard Dawkins delivers what I view to be – in fact – some of the greatest services an atheist has ever done to the cause of truth and the message of tawheed. Even an amateur philosopher like himself should realize that it takes much more to argue against the reliability of innate rationality and natural language, not to mention the mental consistency of all humans ever since the dawn of time (except for atheists in general and Darwinians in particular). Yet, he does not, thinking perhaps that this is all he needs to do to deliver his message to an audience of commoners and laypeople; and this serves me pretty well indeed.

In his book “The God Delusion”, Dawkins seeks to convince the lay reader that ever since time immemorial, humans have been “fooled” or “deluded” to see “design” where in fact there is not, and to see order and purpose where in fact there is none. He calls his ideological mission an attempt to “raise” people’s consciousness to the level where they are finally prepared to embrace such outrageous claims, both intellectually and spiritually. Thus I only find it convenient and justifiable that a book written to serve – among other pertinent ends - as a response to The God Delusion would come out under the title: Blasting the foundations of Atheism. But how does blowing Dawkins’ book serve as a means to blast all atheism? Well, I think that if one was to take some time and carefully examine every quasi argument that Dawkins puts forth in his boldly titled book, they would at least offer the reader fair insight into the “psyche” and “rationale” of an atheist, a militant one no less, who claims to have come to a near certainty that God is only a delusion! So if written with care, such an insight would suffice, in my view, to effectively destroy the foundations of all atheism. After all, atheism should be viewed as a psychological condition, and the core thesis of atheism is indeed every bit as ridiculous as what the very title of Dawkins’ book demonstrates. Thus I chose to exploit The God Delusion as a perfect instrument for my ends, and for that I am very grateful to Richard Dawkins.

Originally, I set out to refute every false or inconsistent claim that Dawkins bothered to advance in his book, and further expand on my arguments against atheistic thought along every quotation that I choose to pick. Naturally, I ended up with a volume little over a thousand pages large. Thus I was advised to split it in two volumes, the first of which would be printed separately, and would suffice to blow at least the two core chapters of Dawkins’ book out of the water: chapters three and four.

It is my pleasure to present the first of the two volumes of the book Blasting the Foundations of Atheism: its Pseudoscience and Pseudo-reason; a book which is not only addressed to sincere truth seekers worldwide but also to those who are on the verge of atheism. May Allah, the Creator of all, guide us to the one and simple truth, Amen



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