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I went through the forum, there is a lot of information regarding Islam, different sects and some like Ahmedis/Qadiyaanis. I could not find any content related to Ismailis, the followers of Aga Khan(Agha Khan). How are they different from us and what to think of them as? Muslims? Non-Muslims? As bad as Ahmedis? What if an Ahle Sunnah Muslim is interested in marrying an Ismaili, what does Islam or the religious scholars say on that. As much information as possible, please post.

thank you.

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Welcome to the forum. May Allah ta'ala reward you for asking. It gave us an opportunity to compile some information


InshaAllah you will find answers here. We shall continue to search for more information on the subject.


If you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask. We will try our best to provide answers from Scholars. If unsure please also contact Ulama of the ahlus sunnah at any of the contacts listed HERE

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  • Dawah Team
The following article gives a brief summary into the cult known as the "Aga Khanees" or the followers of His Highness (Prince) Karim Aga Khan (IV) and the key differences in their believes, practices, acts of worship to Islam & Muslims Who or what are Ismaili Shias & the Aga Khanees?



Jazakallahu Khayran

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