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Solution to Depression: Tadbeer, Tafweez & Taqdeer


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Tadbeer, Tafweez and faith in Taqdeer is the solution to depression:


Whatever Allah Ta’ala decides will happen. We have to have faith in Tafweez (resigning oneself to the decision of Allah) and Taqdeer (predestination). This is the solution to all our anxieties, depression and worries. As the servants and slaves of Allah, we should understand that our Master will grant to us only that which is good for us. Our duty and endeavour is that we supplicate and ask Allah, then make the correct Tadbeer (effort) and thereafter leave the final decision to Allah Ta’ala. this brings peace, contentment and happiness into one’s heartSource



For better understanding, the following excerpts are taken from "The Cure for Depression Tafweez"  by Shaykh Yunus Patel (Raheemahullah)


Tadbeer: Making Effort

Within the framework of Shariah, we have to make an effort. After making the correct effort in the desired direction we should hand all our matters to Allah Ta’ala. Just as a person wanting to go to Cape Town, will board a plane headed for Cape Town and not a Johannesburg-bound plane, so too do we need to make the effort towards what we want to achieve... but the final decision must be left to our Infinitely Wise Allah.


Tafweez: Antidote to Depression

What I wish to discuss is Tafweez. If we learn Tafweez, then we have indeed found the antidote for depression.


We have to clearly understand, that we cannot escape the decisions of Allah Ta’ala with regard to any matter in our lives. Whatever Allah Ta’ala has decided will happen, no matter how much we may wish otherwise.


Our anxieties, depression and worries are all created because we first make the decisions and then expect Allah Ta’ala to conform; whereas what we plan and decide is subject to Allah Ta’ala’s confirmation.




A person had in mind that when a certain property or building comes onto the market, or comes under his control then, because of the ideal location, etc., business will thrive and he will be successful. The person bids but someone else is successful and the property is gone.


If this person has Tafweez then he will think : I did what was in my capacity to do but it was not in my Taqdeer. It was written in the Taqdeer of the other person, thus he got it. I must search for something else. Allah Ta’ala does not provide rizq (sustenance) through one business house in the world. It is not that I would have succeeded and received my sustenance and livelihood through only that.


The effort, which needs to be made, must then be made. What transpires thereafter is Taqdeer


Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) has said : “Strive to acquire what is beneficial for you; seek the aid of Allah; do not lose courage and if a setback overtakes you, do not say : ‘If I had done this then it would have happened like this (i.e. not what had happened).’ Instead say : ‘Allah has ordained this. Whatever He has willed, has happened.’”


If a person fails after having made the correct effort, there is no need to resort to alcohol, drugs and suicide.




Great wisdom lies in the decisions of Allah.

Tafweez is placing our matters before Allah Ta’ala, handing them over to Him, and trusting completely in Him, believing that there is goodness in whatever Allah Ta’ala has decided. Outwardly, it may appear as if there is some problem that we are faced with, but great wisdom lies in the decisions of Allah.




Always think of something worse which could have happened. Adopt Tafweez: believe that everything is in the ‘hands’ of Allah Ta’ala and if He has decided something, then there is definitely goodness therein. Then be satisfied with the decision of Allah Ta’ala. If we learn only this much : that after Tadbeer, follows Tafweez  i.e. being pleased with Allah Ta’ala’s decision, then there can be no question of depression, anxiety, contemplating or committing suicide, etc.



Something much worse could have happened....

To cite another example : A person’s car is hijacked. He must believe that there is some goodness or ‘khair’ in this; that it was only the car. It could very well have been that the car was hijacked when the family was in the car and they could have been taken to some desolate spot and could have been killed.


Always think of something worse which could have happened. Adopt Tafweez : believe that everything is in the ‘hands’ of Allah Ta’ala and if He has decided something, then there is definitely goodness therein.


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