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Abu Hafsat

Inspiring Quotes.

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Assalam alaykum,

  I wish to share with you the following Inspiring quotes that have that remarkable potential of making us work towards good at all times. These are:--



  1) "The Qur'an is like a friend.... the longer the friendship lasts the more you will know of its secrets,

        as a friend doesn't reveal his secrets to someone who sits with him for a few minutes and then

        leaves." -- Muhammad al-Awaji.



  2) "When the heart finds solace in something other than God Mopst High, it is barred from smelling

        the frangrance of certainty." - Sahl Ibn Abdullah.



  3) "Certainty prompts the servant to cut short his hopes [for the things of this world]; cutting short

        one's hopes, in turn, prompts him to embrace renunciation; renunciation produces wisdom, and

        wisdom produces desire to ponder upon one's fate in the Hereafter."-- Dhu'l Nun al-Misri.


  4) "Nobility lies in Modesty; greatness lies in fear of God; and freedom lies in Contentment."-- Ibrahim Ibn Shayban.



  5) "The signs of God's Love is to bestow 3 attributes on His Lover: A generosity like that of the sea, a kindness

        like that of the sun, and a humility like that of the earth."-- Abu Yazid al-Bistami.

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