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Importance of proper Libaas (Clothing)

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Importance of proper Libaas

While shaykh Yunus Saheb was here, someone brought a little girl for dum (blessing). He gave duas and then he said “These tights should be avoided. Even little girls should be trained to wear the shalwar, so that the shape of the body is not visible.”


Yesterday I was driving and I saw mature Muslim girls, with the camel’s hump hijab, and tight leggings and short skirts. I remembered shaykh and his wise words.


These days ladies wear ajeeb clothing. Please understand that the aim of clothing is to cover the whole body, ie the skin, it’s colour, the body, it’s shape, the hair, and only then will the hijab be complete.


Please Remember the grave warnings for nudity, and for displaying the body.


Hadith says “Allah’s la’nat goes upon the one who stares and the one who is stared at”


Also the Hadith regarding “wa nisaaun kaasiyaatun aariyaatun” ie. Ladies clothed, yet naked.


It is in the interest of the ladies to remain properly covered so that they are not molested.

Why force people to commit the sin of the eye?


Equally men should cover their bodies properly as well, so that they don’t give the ladies the opportunity to stare at them.

Both genders need to avoid the sins of the eyes.


May Allah keep our eyes paak and clean. May Allah give us tawfeeq to dress appropriately. May Allah give hidayat to the whole mankind. Ameen

Tafseer Raheemi

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