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What is a Bahai, and what proofs support or not support the movement?





By Zakariyya Ahmed Muhammad Nur

Translated by Hafiz Abdullah Dhabelia




During my second visit to the USA, at the invitation by the organisation of
the ‘Muslim Arab Youth’ to propagate the Islamic culture in the city of Los
Angeles which has been severely shaken by natural catastrophes, my gaze was
drawn towards a huge building over which hung the banners of every state. I
enquired of my companion, Ramadaan Hasan who is an Egyptian engineer
regarding this building. His reply was, “This is the Bahai Mosque of Los
Angeles, the largest Mosque in the U.S.A. Taken aback, I stood by it,
recalling all their fabrications which they had circulated, their deviations
which they had strongly adhered to and their book which comprises of a great
number of lies and differences which had been falsely attributed to divine
revelation whereas divine revelation is totally free from it. This
standpoint had certainly driven me to think of the causes which led to the
International Zionist Movement, spurring this deviated Bahai’sm and to place
all strength under their control and to link Judaism with it and give it


Through the passage of time, Persia has become a dangerous ground wherefrom
such movements emerged, that were hostile to Islam and which made great
efforts in annihilating its teachings some how or the other. Nevertheless
Bahaism has Jewish roots. However the Jews who are helpless contemporaries
to the Baha Movement, did not suffice upon old Jewish roots, but rather
began replacing themselves with Jewish tactics by using this movement which
at times were concealed and at times became apparent. Thereafter it made
itself totally apparent, in the present day, when one of the BAHA’I members
became a Jewish rabbi, as you will see in the unravelling of this topic.


Bahaism and the unity of religions

Whilst touring about in the vicinity of the Mosque in the city of Los
Angeles, I observed at its side a massive building known as ‘The Union of
Religions’. Its chief aim is to combine all the heavenly religions into one
single religion. This is the very same thing towards which Bahaism is openly
calling. The fact is that the claim that the chain of all heavenly religions
has only been terminated by the appearance of ‘Baha’ who unites and
completes all religions, is totally incorrect, in spite of the fact that he
states in his book that Eesa (A.S) has mentioned (according to them):
“Verily, I have many things to inform you about but you are not capable
enough to bear it right now. However when the spirit of truth appears he
will guide you, as he will not speak of his own accord. He will talk of what
he bears and he will inform you of matters to occur in the future. He alone
will know what Allah has retained for himself upon the rise of Islam when he
said, “And none knoweth it’s interpretation except Allah”.


The beliefs of the Bahais and their lives

The Bahai’s are using verses of the Holy Quraan and the Ahaadeeth to prove
that the appearance of the new prophet will take place in Akaa, a city of
Syria. From amongst the many verses which they use are: “And listen
attentively to the day when a proclaimer shall call out from a near place,
the day when they will hear the truth. That is the day of emergence.” The
closest land to the Arabian peninsula is the plains of Syria. They also
believe that Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) had determined the place in a
Hadeeth which they quote often: “Glad tidings to that person who has seen
Akaa.” These are such fabrications that do not warrant discussion. However
in Akaa, they lived amongst the Jews where they were highly influenced. This
led to the termination of the link between them and Islam. Bahaism thus
became a new edition of Judaism and Zionism. Baha proclaimed that all men
belonged to one religion and one homeland. He therefore called towards one
religion which is a combination of all religions and creeds. He opposes
district and regional differences and convicts.


The birth of Baha and his upbringing

After the assassination of ‘Al Baabah’, Husain Ali Thowry who was born on
the 1st Muharram 1233 A.H. continued with this movement. He was initially
from amongst the disciples of Albaab – the originator of the Albaabiyah
movement. In spite of Husain having held only one meeting with Albaab, he
initiated Albaab’s call after his death. In the year 1269 A.H. the Shah
banished him with many of the followers of the Albaabiyah movement to
Baghdad. The fact of the matter is that he found for himself followers from
the northern regions of Iraq and from Baghdad itself. Within a short period
of time his activities unveiled, after which he was banished to Istanbul.
Here he had clashes with his brother regarding who would possess leadership
of this newly reformed movement. He overpowered his brother, hence
establishing himself in Akaa. Initially he claimed to be the successor of
Albaab, then he claimed he was Albaab himself. Later he claimed to be Imaam
Mahdi, then he claimed to be a special prophet. Finally he claimed to be a
prophet sent for the whole of mankind. This is the type of prophet, mention
of which has been made in the Baha books. During the latter part of his life
he claimed divinity based on the beliefs of Halloween and he rejected anyone
claiming divinity. He gave himself the title ‘Bahaullah’ (the brilliance of
Allah), claiming that the brilliance of Allah had transmigrated in his form.
Therefore he would cover his face and walk so that no individual belonging
to the human race could observe the brilliance of Allah.


His compilations in the service of his movements

Bahaullah had compiled a book called Al Kitaabul Aqdas (the holy book) which
comprises of fabricated lies and superstitions. He claimed that this book
had been revealed by Allah. He states in the book: “Indeed Allah has
relieved you of that which has been revealed in Al Bayaan (reference made to
a book called Al Bayaanul Arabi compiled by Albaab). And now we have
permitted you to read that which will benefit you.”


He is presently making an effort to philosophise his activity and to make it
known internationally. Hence he makes these claims in his books (which we
will soon refer to in this article) and particularly in this book Al Aqdas
wherein it is stated that he calls towards religious brotherhood and
especially between a person who loves his country and a person who loves the
world. Similarly it is stated that he has prohibited warfare of any kind and
the usage of weapons itself. In the ensuing pages we have briefly mentioned
the teachings of the Bahais.


Baha’s most important teachings to his followers

1. The rejection of the miracles of the Ambiyaa (A.S), resurrection and life
after death. Similarly the rejection of all promises made by Allah in the
Quraan and the denial of Jannat and Jahannum as well.


2. According to Baha, salaah consisted of nine rakaats in the morning and
evening. Baha abrogated reading salaah with jama’at and he directed the
Qibla to Akaa where Albaab’s body and Baha’s grave is found.


3. Baha stipulated that Hajj is for men only and not for women and he made
the mixing of men and women permissible.


4. Bahaa had regulated the laws of inheritance between men and women
equally. Similarly he introduced many innovations and fabrications.


The strength of the Bahai Movement

The gatherings and assemblies of the Bahais are eye-catching due to their
vastness and beautiful buildings. It was the very fact that caught my eye in
Los Angeles. These gatherings are established by issuing booklets and
magazines which unfolds its movements between the Muslims and Christians in
America and which calls on international unity, just as they distribute
leaflets (which are extremely dangerous) and which portrays their link with
the National Zionist Movement. We will not be exaggerating if we say that
their most famous propagators are from the Secrefire Zionist Jews who are in
the garb of the Bahais. The surprising fact is that many renowned
personalities in the Arab world are sympathetic towards the Bahais, just as
they are sympathetic towards the Freemasons and Rotaries and they are misled
by their animosity towards religions, regions, in fact towards the entire


The Bahais in Los Angeles

I have found that amongst the causes of the spreading of the Bahais in Los
Angeles which has a Muslim population of 700 00 from different regions and
nationalities is idolness and vacuity of the youth. The lives of the youth
are void of effective Islamic propagation. Propagation is of such a level
which is not satisfying the fervour of the youth, nor is it bringing life to
their thoughts. Hence the Bahais have filled this vacuum and started a
branch in the heart of the city and have set up quarters for propagation.
They began with the propagation of the book Al I’qaan, which is from amongst
the three books written by Bahaullah. This book has been translated into
Arabic in an exclusive and fine print as we have been informed by our
companions. The emergence of the Bahais is not only restricted to the city
of Los Angeles. In fact it is spreading in most of the regions of north and
Latin America and some other regions. “The Bahais have established
themselves in this city and it’s dangers have been realised too late”, says
the rector of the Islamic centre of the northern part of the city – Musjidul
Huda. Many Americans follow the Bahai Movement and openly announce their
evasion from their original beliefs.


Have we realised what a danger this is to the propagation of the true Islam
which is protecting our Muslim youth (Arab and non-Arab). These deviated
groups and false propagators have placed a barrier on the path of the spread
of Islam.


(Translated from the Arabic newspaper “Al Aalamul Islam” – 18 Muharram 1415)

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Please get me clear about the Baha’i religion someone has told me it is the part of Islam so we should follow it.



(Fatwa: 520/520/M=1434)


Who told you that it is a part of Islam? As per some books written on Baha’i religion it is learnt that the beliefs of this religion are kufriya. A person who accepts this religion he cannot remain Muslim. For example it is their belief that only Bahaullah is kamil (perfect) and akmal mazhar zuhoor (perfect manifestation) of Allah and the matla anwar (rising place of sun) of sacred haqiqat of Allah. Moreover, they do not believe in the holy Quran, their holy Book is Kitab Aqdas authored by Bahaullah. They do not believe in khatm nabuwat and khatm risalat (finality of Prophethood) etc. (See ap ke Masail aur un ka hal.)

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best


Darul Ifta,

Darul Uloom Deoband






Please can the Iman give me his views on Bahaism. Do bahais follow islam ?



Bahais are not Muslims and do not follow Islam.


and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Mufti Ebrahim Desai



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