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The Heart is for None but Allah

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The Heart is for none but Allah




Once Hazrat Asraf Ali Thanvi ® was going to his house from his Khanqah. I [Mufti Muhammad Shafi ®] was going along with him as I had some works with him.


Suddenly Hazrat Thanvi ® stopped and took out a pen and paper. He jotted something down on the piece of paper and out it back in his pocket. Then he asked me:

“Did you understand anything (what I did)?”

I answered, “No”.

He explained, “I’ve jotted down on the paper  the words which were in my heart. I remembered that I have a task  to be accomplished after returning to the hanqah. If I had not written it down, it would have repeatedly disturbed my heart. After writing it down on the paper my heart is free from it”.


Then he said, “The heart has been created for Allah Taala”.


Therefore, the heart must be mainly engaged in remembrance of Allah Taala. For necessity one may bear other things in the heart; however, this should be limited. To fill the heart with secular love and thoughts is a great mischief.


The difference between the Ambiya (Alaiyhimussalam), Awliaya ® and us is that both were engaged in worldly affairs; however, the previous were the perfect example of: “Hand is at work, but the heart completely absorbed in the remembrance of Allah Taala”.


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