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A Philosoper who denied God


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An atheist  philosopher and materialist put three questions to a Muslim divine.

Firstly, if God exists,why is He not visible?
Secondly, if the Devils made of fire,how will the punishment of fire be painful to him?
Thirdly, when the power of doing every virtue and vice every good and evil proceeds from God,why will man be taken to task?

The divine on hearing all three questions of the philosopher,picked up a clod of earth and struck it violently
against the head of the philosopher.The philosopher made a complaint against him in a court of law.

The magistrate summoned the divine and questioned him of his motive in striking the victim with the clot of earth instead of reasonable answers to his questions. The Magistrate said this was evidence of his ignorance and perversity and therefore he further asked why he should not be punished.


The divine replied that as a matter of fact he had not hurt the philosopher but had furnished a reasonable answer to all his three questions.

The magistrate inquired of him as to how it was and that he should explain it.The divine replied:

'The first question was that if God was existent why was he not visible.I call upon this philosopher to show the blow which has hurt him and for which he has complained in your court. Why is the pain felt on account of the blow was not visible? The thing which is visible is not the blow nor the pain but is the effect produced by the blow.

The second question was that if the Devil is made from fire,how would the fire of hell cause pain to him? I ask him that when he is made of earth,how does the clod of earth cause pain to him.

The third question was that when the power of doing good and evil proceeds from God,why would man be taken to
task for his sins? I say that the striking of the clod by me was also ordained by God,so why did he register the case against me?' (We are responsible for our deeds whether good or evil)

The magistrate,on hearing these reasonable and prompt answers of the divine,dismissed the complaint of the philosopher.

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