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Why do you do that to her?


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Once a brother was driving while visiting in a country, along with his wife. A lady pulled up beside him and started yelling obceneties at him, and asking " why are you doing that to her". She was talking about his veiled wife.


He told her to pullover on the side, and she did.


He said "you asked me a question, I will answer it"


"where is your money he said?"


... Reluctantly she answered "in my wallet"


"where is your wallet?" he asked.


"why? Why do you want to know" she replied.


He said "you asked me a question and I will answer it, I am not going to rob you, just answer the question"


"in my purse" she said.


"where do you keep your purse?"


"Why?" she asked.


"You asked a question and I will answer it, where do you keep your purse?"


"Under the seat in my car" she answered.


"why do you do that?"


"why go through the trouble of putting your money in your wallet, then in a purse, the putting the purse under the seat?"


"To protect it, should someone want to steal it" she said.


"that is why my wife is covered, to protect her."


May ALLAH make it easy for the sisters to wear the Hijab in the CORRECT manner. May the covering of your shroud not be the first time you will wear the Hijab. Aameen.

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