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Mufti Abdurrahman Ibn Yusuf Mangera Audio Lectures


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Dars 1 – Introduction

Dars 2 – Introduction 2

Dars 3 – Introduction 3

Dars 4 – Obediences

Dars 5 – Waking, Using the Toilet, Iistinja

Dars 7 – Istinja and Wudu

Dars 7 – Wudu 2

Dars 8 – Ghusl and Tayammum

Dars 9 – Going to the Masjid

Dars 10 – Between Sunna and Fard of Fajr

Dars 11 – After Fajr Until Sunrise

Dars 12 – Sunrise to Dhuhr

Dars 13 – Sunrise to Dhuhr 2

Dars 14 – Dhuhr to Maghrib

Dars 15 – Maghrib Until Sleep

Dars 16 – Value of Time, Salat

Dars 17 – Salat 2

Dars 18 – Salat 3

Dars 19 – Etiquette of Imamat, Etiquette of Friday

Dars 20 – Etiquette of Friday 2

Dars 21 – Fasting

Dars 22 – Avoiding Disobedience

Dars 23 – Falsehood and Breaking Promises

Dars 24 – Backbiting and Argumentation

Dars 25 – Self Purification and Cursing

Dars 26 – Mocking Others and Halal Food

Dars 27 – Private Parts, Feet, the Heart

Dars 28 – Calamities of the Heart, Envy, Ostentation

Dars 29 – Pride, Haughtiness, Hadith of Muaz

Dars 30 – Hadith of Muaz 2, More on the Heart

Dars 31 – Adab with Allah, the Teacher, and the Student

Dars 32 – Adab with Parents, Friends, and Associates

Dars 33 – Qualities in Friends

Dars 34 – Rights of Friendship 1

Dars 35 – Rights of Friendship 2

Dars 36 – General Advice and End

[HD] FULL Mangera Deceptions of the Dunya

_2011_ Signs of the Day of Judgement

_Aqeeda_ Mufti Abdur Rahman Yusuf

Ability vs. Acceptance

Advice to University Students

Aqeedah of Imam Abu Hanifa

Aqida Tahawiyya (The Creed of Imam Tahawi) Part 1

Autopilot salat

Be, and it is_ The Power of Allah HD


Between Sulayman ibn Abd al Malik and Abu Hazim Absolutely Inspiring

Bringing Barakah into Our Lives [HD]

Class 1_ Al Arba’in of Muhammad ibn Jaffar al Kattani Part 2_2

Class 2_ Al Arba’in of Muhammad ibn Jaffar al Kattani Part 2_3

Class 2_ Al Arba’in of Muhammad ibn Jaffar al Kattani Part 3_3

Dealing with Depression and the Realities of Patience

Divorce in Islam

Divorce; The Illness & it’s Remedies Shaykh Mangera

Du’a_ The Essence of Worship YTC 2012

Essential Fiqh of Ramadan Seminar 1_3

Essential Fiqh of Ramadan Seminar 2_3

Essential Fiqh of Ramadan Seminar Q&A Session 3_3

Etiquettes of Disagreement

Fiqh of Salah Lesson 1

Fiqh of Salah Lesson 3

Following a Madhab

Heart of a Believer [HD]

Horse Meat Scandal_ Halal and Haram Issues

Imam Abu Hanifa the Theologian

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal’s Inquisition

Imam Ghazali’s Advice_ How to Choose friends

Imam Qurtubi’s_ The Secrets to Asceticism

Islamic Spirituality_ Tasawwuf, Sufism and Tazkiya (Part 2) 1_3 HD

Islamic Spirituality_ Tasawwuf, Sufism and Tazkiya (Part 2) 3_3 HD

Ja’far al Sadiq, Muhammad al Baqir, Ali Zayn al Abidin

Journey of the Soul Shaykh Hasan Ali Muhammad Abdul Jabbar

Living and Dying for Allah



Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi

Meet the Messenger The Shama’il of Imam At Tirmidhi

Ramadan 2011

Understanding The Concept Of ‘Amr Bil Ma’roof Wa Nahy Anil Munkar

Mufti Abdurrahman ibn Yusuf Mangera Muawiya_ The Restorer of the Muslim Faith

Path to Piety 2012 Friday Session 2

Path to Piety 2012 Saturday Session 7 Qur’an &

Purification of the Heart

Q&A on Divorce

Qasida Burdah in Praise of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

Qasida Burdah_ Unravelling a Rose

Ramadhan; Why do we Sin if Shaytan is Chained up_ Shaykh Mangera

Reflections on Sura Qiyama,

Revival of Islam

Salaat & Salaam; Importance of Salawaat Shaykh Mangera

Shaykh Gone Green

Sura Qiyama_ Reflections on Style, Structure and Sound

The Diligence of Our Righteous Scholars

The Harms of Jealousy (Hasad)

The Need To Revive The Ummah Mangera 1_2

The Need To Revive The Ummah Mangera 2_2

The Secrets of Ramadanic Success

The Virtues and Etiquette of Traveling 1_2 HD

The Virtues and Etiquette of Traveling 2_2 HD

Virtues of Ashura_ 10th of Muharram

What do Women Get in Paradise (Janna)

When is the help of Allah_

Why is Sura Kahf so Significant

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