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Sunnats of Salaam

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The Virtue of Commencing Salaam

It has been narrated by Abu Umamah that the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifsaid, "Whoever commences Salaam is very close to Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (saw23X22.gif)" Ibn Sunni has narrated this. 


In Imaam Ahmad’s narration there is, "The closest to Allah, the most glorious and eminent one, from amongst all the people is the one who commences salaam." 


Similarly Tabrani narrates from Abu Darda, who says that we asked the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gif, "O Prophet of Allah, we meet each other, so who from amongst us should give salaam first?" The Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifreplied, "The one who is the most obedient to Allah from amongst you." 



What is Salaam?

Imam Baihaqi narrates in discontinuation from Ibne Abbas, that As-Salaam is amongst Allah’s names and also this is the greeting of the dwellers of Paradise. 


Imaam Bukhari in his Al-Adabul-Mufrad narrates from Hazrat Anas that the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifsaid, "As-salaam is indeed a name from the names of Allah, which Allah has placed upon the Earth, therefore spread salaam amongst yourselves in abundance." 



The Manner of giving Salaam

Abu Yala narrates from Hazrat Abu Hurairah rah27X23.gifthat the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifsaid, "When anyone of you decides to offer salaam he should say ‘Assalaamu Alaikum’, because Allah, the most Glorious and Eminent one is As-salaam, for this reason do not commence with anything before saying Allah’s name." 



The Correct Words Of Salaam

Abu Tameema narrates from a Sahabi who reported, "I said ‘Alaikas Salaam (Upon you be peace) O’ Messenger of Allah." 


The Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifsaid, "Alaikas Salaam are the words of the deceased person’s salaam. When one of you meets his fellow brother, he should say Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah." 



Giving Salaam To The People Of A Gathering

It has been narrated by Hazrat Abu Huraira that the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifsaid, "If any one of you enters any gathering, he should give salaam. He should then remain seated to that extent he has in his mind, and when he decides to return, he should again give salaam. The reason being that the first salaam is not more rightful than the second, that is, he gives the first salaam and not the second." This narration has been narrated by Imaam Abu Dawood, Imaam Tirmizi and Ibne Sunni.




Giving And Replying To Salaam From One Person Is Sufficient

It has been narrated by Hazrat Ali that the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifsaid, "The salaam of a person, from a passing group of people, will be sufficient on behalf of all the group, likewise if one person from those who are seated replies to the salaam, it will be sufficient on behalf of all the rest." 



Reply To A Third Person’s Salaam

A person from (the tribe of) Banu Tameem narrates from his father who narrates from his paternal grandfather that he arrived in the presence of the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifand said, "My father sends salaam upon you." 


The Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifreplied, "Wa Alaika Wa’alaa Abeekas Salaam (Peace be upon you and your father)." Imaam Abu Dawood, Nasai and Ibn Sunni have narrated this. 


Similarly it has been narrated by Hazrat Aisha radiyallahu anha that the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifsaid, "Jibraeel sends salaam upon you." 


Hazrat Aisha replied, "Wa Alaihis Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuh (Peace be upon him and Allah’s mercy and blessings). You (O’ Prophet) can see things which we cannot." 


Similarly Imaam Bukhari and Imaam Muslim have related Abu Huraira’s narration, he says, Jibraeel the trustworthy arrived in the presence of the Noble Prophet saw23X22.gifand said, "This is Khadija, who is coming, she has with her a utensil in which there is curry (or he said food, or drink). When she arrives give, her salaam from her sustainer and myself, and give her glad tidings of a house in Paradise which will be hollow in which there will be no loud noise (din) nor weariness." 


Ibne Sunni has narrated this narration in more detail. It is narrated by Amr bin Wahb that Hazrat Khadija set out in search of the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifin the upper part of Makkah Mukarrama. Hazrat Khadija had the Holy Prophet’ssaw23X22.giffood with her. Jibraeel the trustworthy met Hazrat Khadija in the form of a man and questioned her regarding the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gif. Hazrat Khadija began to tremble and thought that, probably he is from those who are out to harm the Holy Prophet saw23X22.gif


Hazrat Khadija mentioned this incident to the Holy Prophetsaw23X22.gif. The Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifreplied that he was Jibraeel the trustworthy. He has informed me that he has met you and he has also told me that you have food with you and that is Hees (a sweet dish). Hazrat Jibraeel the trustworthy has said, "Give salaam to Khadija from Allah the most glorious and eminent one, and give her glad tidings of a house in Paradise which will be hollow in which they will no loud noise (din) nor weariness." 


Hazrat Khadija said, "Allah the exalted is Himself As-Salaam (The Giver of peace) and peace comes from Him, Salaam be upon Jibraeel, he is the messenger of Allah. Salaam be upon you and salaam be upon all those who are listening but Shaytaan. 


O’ Prophet of Allah, what is the hollow house in Paradise wherein they will be no loud noise (din) nor weariness?" 

The Holy Prophet saw23X22.gifreplied, "It will be a secure house made out of pearl." 



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