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Miracles of the Saints


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Hasan Basri رحمةالله


Once Hadrat Hasan Basri رحمه الله accompanied by several people was on his way to the Ka'bah. During the journey they came across a well. They were all thirsty but had no rope to take water from the well. Hasan رحمه الله said, "I am beginning prayers, as I am praying, you will notice the water of the well shall rise so that it is easily accessible. You may then drink and quench your thirst."


All drank to their fill; however when one of the gathering after drinking filled a tumbler to keep by his side for future use, the water sank back down to its original level. When questioned about this strange occurrence, Hasan رحمه الله replied, "This was due to your lack of faith in depending solely on Allaah سبحانهو تعالى."


From amongst his miracles was that he would be present for all prayers in Makkah although he resided in Basra. Saints have said that on the night of Hasan Basri's death رحمه الله we saw the gates of the heavens opened and a caller calling, "Take notice! Hasan Basri has come to meet his Lord, and He is pleased with him." (Jame' Karamaatul Auliyah)

source :Shaykh Ahmed Ali


credits of thread : Brother Seifeddine-M

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Junaid Baghdadi (رحمۃاللہ )


A person lived in the company of Hadhrat Junaid Baghdadi (RA) for ten years but did not see any miracle taking place at his hands eg. flying in the air or walking on water etc. Disappointed, he decided to go away, explaining his reason to Hadhrat Junaid (RA). Hadhrat Junaid (RA) asked him if had ever seen him (Hadhrat Junaid) doing any action against the sunnat or shariat in those ten years. The man replied in the negative. Upon this Hadhrat Junaid (RA) sighed and said: "If a slave has not displeased his Master for even a moment in ten years, can there by a greater miracle than this?"


Hadhrat Mulla Ali Qari (RA) writes: "Steadfastness upon the sunnat and shariat is more virtuous than a thousand miracles."

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Qasim Nanotvi(رحمۃاللہ)

Once a group of people who were against Maulana Qasim Nanotwi RA, came to him asking him to pray the jannaza salah of a boy. What they had actually had done was made a plan to mock Maulana and make a fool out of him. They told a boy to lay down in a shroud and pretend to be dead, and after the janaza salah they would give a signal for him to get up. But Maulana Qasim Nanotwi RA was already aware of this due to the following;

Abu Saeed Khudri (RA) relates that Prophet (SAW) said: “Be fearful of Momin’s intelligence and his foresight in understanding of the human nature, because he sees things by Allah’s given vision,” and recited Aayah 75 of Surah Al-Hijr, which reads:
“There truly is a sign in this for those who can learn” [Tirmizi]

So they asked Maulana to perform the jannaza salah he refused and said I would not do so, they asked again and he declined again. They persisted in their request and finally Maulana accepted, after the salah had finished they signaled to the boy to get up and he would not do so. Maulana Qasim Nanotwi RA said " he will now wake up on the day of judgement"

narrated by Hazrat Shaykh Abdur Raheem Naqshbandi Mujaddidi db

The moral of the story is do not disrespect and hold enmity against the friends of Allah and if you cannot respect them, then keep your distance from them.
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how reliable is this story ?



It is to be understood that the occurrence of miracles at the hands of the saints, by the command of Allaah سبحانه و تعالى is not far fetched. The mind can accept it, as nothing is outside the reach and commands of Allaah سبحانه و تعالى. If He so wills anything is possible.


These stories have been compiled in a small book by the Shaykh Ahmed Ali Also available in PDF http://nmusba.wordpress.com/2012/11/27/miracles-of-the-saints-by-shaykh-ahmed-ali/

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My abslolutely favourite from "Orchards of Love"



A buzrug narrates: “Once I saw nine Auliyaa at the Raudhah Mutahharah (The Holy Sepulcher) of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). When they began leaving, I followed them. One of them turned to me and sharply enquired: ‘Where are you going?’ I responded: ‘I am accompanying you. I love you all and I have heard that a man will be with whom he loves.’


One of the group said: ‘He cannot go where we are going. Only those who are forty years of age are allowed to go there.’

Another member of the group said: ‘Let him come, perhaps Allah will grant him the fortune of going there.’

Thus I accompanied them. We traversed distance miraculously. Great distances were covered in the shortest time. Ultimately we reached a city which was built of gold and silver. The trees were extremely lush and the growth luxuriously dense. Beautiful rivers of crystal clear water were flowing. A wide variety of the most wonderful fruit grew in abundance.

We entered the city and ate of the delicious fruit. I kept three apples from that city with me. None of the Auliyaa forbade me from taking the apples. As we prepared to leave, I asked them about this city. They said that it is the city of the Auliyaa of Allah (Madinatul Auliyaa). When the Auliyaa desired to visit this place, the city is miraculously brought to them. They added: ‘However, besides you to this day, no one under forty years had come to this city.’


When we reached Makkah, I gave one of the apples to a labourer. But he threw it away. My companions severely reprimanded me and told me to eat of the remaining apples whenever I felt hungry.


Finally I arrived home with one apple. My sister out of happiness hugged me and said: ‘Brother, you brought a wonderful thing from your journey. Give it to me.’

I replied: ‘What wonderful thing of the world could I have found for you?’ She said: ‘ Where is that apple?’

I had hidden it, hence I asked: ‘Which apple?’

She said: ‘Why conceal it from me? You had to struggle to gain admission while I was taken there at the age of twenty years. By Allah! I was called there without my desire.’


I said: ‘Sister, what are you saying? One of the buzrugs said that besides me, no one under forty years had even entered that city. ’

She said: ‘Yes, this is the law for the Mureedeen and Ush-shaq. But the Muraad and the Mahboob are allowed to visit the city whenever they wish. But, nothing of the city pleases them. Whenever you desire, I can take you to that city.’

(Mureedeen, Ush-shaq, Muraad, Mahboob - these are classes of the Muhibbeen (lovers) of Allah Ta`ala).

I said: ‘Show me the city now!’

My sister issued a command. ‘By Allah! To my astonishment, I beheld with my eyes that very same city. I saw the city inclining towards my sister. Stretching her hand towards the city, she said: ‘Now tell me where is that apple?’

The apple which I had hid above me fell on me.

After this wonderful experience, I understood my insignificance. I never had the faintest idea of the lofty states of my sister.”

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I  know  miracles  happened  by the will  of   Allah  and   many  pious   people  have  done it  .  But  some  stories   i   found  disturbing  as   these   can  provoke  mass people to  commit    shirk.



one  story   i  read in  a  book  that    a  saint  told  some  travellors  if   u  face  any  danger  , remember  me  .   During  journey ,  bandits  attacked  them  and  they  stated  calling   Allah  with   no  result  .   Only one  person  started  calling    that  saint   and   he   became invisible  . So ,  bandits   could  not  take   anything  from   him .



Later   the  saint   explained  , when  u call  Allah   , u don't do  it with  full faith .  But  when  I  call  Him ,  i  do  it  properly  .  That's  why  I told  u  to remember  me if  face any   danger  .



This  kind  of   story   may encourage  people to depend   on  Saints   rather   than   Allah.     



And  Allah    Knows   Best.

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wa'alaykumus salaam

from the story you've related, yes that can happen. May Allah ta'ala protect us from every form of shirk. The purpose of these stories being related is to create a yearning to reach high stages of closeness to Allah subhaanahu wata'ala....every time I read Madinatul Awliya it makes me sigh with wonder  at the the woman who desires nothing of that city which people like us would be enthralled with. Even her own brother did not realise her high status   

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Hadhrat Husayn Ahmed Madani(رحمۃاللہ)

The well-known scholar and saint, Mawlana Mushtaq Ahmad Anbethwi relates:

“I once presented myself at the Prophet’s grave (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) after visiting the House of Allah (the Haram in Makkah). During my stay in Madinah I heard from the mashayikh of the time that a wondrous miracle had recently occurred at the blessed grave of the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). When a young Indian man presented himself at the Prophet’s grave (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and recited salat and salam, he was given a response with the loving words, ‘And upon you be peace, my son’. On hearing this, I felt something special in my heart. I was even more pleased that this good fortune had befallen a young Indian man. Feeling overwhelmed, I began searching for him, so that I may see this beloved of the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and confirm the story for myself. After investigating, I came to know that this young man was the dear son of Sayyid Habib Allah Muhajir Madani. I went to his home and met him. When we were alone, I disclosed my quest to him. At first he remained silent. However, after I insisted he said, ‘Indeed, what you have heard is correct.’ This young man was Mawlana Husayn Ahmad Madani (may Allah shower His mercy upon him).”

(Al-Jam’iyyat, Shaykh al-Islam Edition, p.49)
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Shaikh Abu Raabi Maliki (rahmatullah alayh) narrates:

"I heard that in a certain city there lived a very pious lady. A karaamat (miracle) related to her induced me to visit her. The name of that Waliyyah (female saint) was Fid-dhah.


She had a goat which miraculously produced milk and honey. I bought a new mug and went to her. On reaching her home, I made salaam and said: `I wish to gain from the blessing of your goat.' She presented the goat to me. When I milked the goat, truly, there came forth milk and honey. This wonderful episode left me bewildered. I said: `From where did you get this goat?' Fid-dhah then explained the story of her goat as follows:


"We were very poor. We owned a goat and nothing else. When Eid came, my husband who was a pious man decided to make Qurbani of the goat. I requested him to spare the goat as Qurbani was not compulsory on us. Allah Ta`ala is well aware of our need of the goat. My husband approved my request, and the goat was not sacrificed.


Sometime thereafter, we had a guest. I said to my husband that Allah Ta`ala has commanded hospitality to the guest. It is therefore appropriate that we should slaughter the goat. My husband took the goat behind a wall for slaughtering it. After some time I saw the goat standing on top of

the wall. I concluded that the goat had escaped from the grip of my husband. When I went to my husband I

saw him skinning the slaughtered goat. I explained to him about the goat on top of the wall. He commented:


`It is not surprising if Allah Ta`la has bestowed to us a better goat.'


We discovered that this goat gave milk and honey whereas the first one gave only milk.


The woman said:

`O my son! This, my goat, will effect your hearts. If your hearts are pure, this milk will be wonderful. If your hearts are polluted, the milk too will be contaminated. Therefore purify and adorn your hearts.'

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Hazrat Baba Fareed-uddin Masood Ganjshakar Dari رحمة الله عليه


It is narrated that a miracle occurred before his birth proving his Saintship. One day, during the pregnancy of his mother, she wanted to pluck some plums from her neighbour’s tree although she had not obtained permission. The child in her womb (Hazrat Baba Fareed) created a severe pain in her stomach and forced her to abandon the idea of plucking, stopping her from acting unlawfully. After a few years after Hadrat Baba Fareed’s (R.A) birth, his mother lovingly expressed: “My dear son, during your confinement, I never ate anything which was unlawful.” Hazrat Baba Fareed (R.A), however smiled and said, “But, my dear mother, you wanted to pluck some plums from our neighbour’s tree without his permission, and I had created a severe pain in your stomach which saved you from this unlawful act.”

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Hazrath Mujaddid Alf Thaani رحمة الله عليه


Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad Sirhind, also known as Imam-e-Rabbani [the Imam of Wise Guidance] and Mujaddid Alf Thaani [meaning the reviver of the second millennium], is a great Sufi saint of the Naqshbandi golden chain.


In his time the wife of ruling emperor Jahangir, who held Shia beliefs, influenced Jahangir strongly and many of the people around him, including some advisors, were Rafidhites. Without any fear or worry, Sheikh Sirhind wrote books and articles that refuted their beliefs. It wasn't long before these people became his enemies, and began to tell the emperor, 'This Sheikh is very dangerous. His beliefs are corrupt, and he is against you and will not bow down before you."


Eventually, the emperor commanded that the Sheikh be imprisoned in Gwalior Fort for an unlimited period.




A great miracle is reported by his son, Sheikh Sayyid, who says, "He was under very intense security in jail, where guards surrounded his room on every side. Yet every Friday, he would be seen in the mosque. No matter how much security he was under, he would disappear from prison and miraculously appear in the mosque."

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