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Cleanliness and Waswasah after Relieving Oneself


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Cleanliness and Waswasah after Relieving Oneself – 3 Questions



  1. During the day I sometimes feel that small drops (usually one or two drops have come out from my private parts for no reason at all. I just wanted to know that do I have to change my underwear before I pray namaz if the drops are less than a coin. Also if I am out and about and want to pray namaz, what do I need to do/how shall I clean myself/underwear in order for my namaz to be correct/counted if such drops occur?
  2. If you are in the toilet and by accident the toilet water splashes onto your body, do you become napaak and need ghusl? If no what do you need to do to clean your body from the splashes that have gone on your body and how do you clean yourself? Also how can you avoid situations like this?
  3. When you do istibraa (by walking, coughing) and you sprinkle water on your underwater to get rid of doubts what if drops come out and you don’t know due to the sprinkled water, does your namaz count?


Jazakallah. May Allah reward you, your family and teachers abundantly.




In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

  1. Clean yourself thoroughly, then do not fall into the trap of waswasah – tie a tissue around your private part, so anything that comes out can be absorbed by the tissue – you are a young man, your bladder is still healthy, it is in old age that it starts to leak. So don’t worry too much about the drops. Sometimes we feel that something has come out but when we check, nothing is there. Also, urine is najaasat-e-ghaleeza, but one 50p coin measure is pardoned. Therefore, if you have to pray in the underwear, your salah will still be valid. (However, this does not mean that wuzu will not break by a 50p coin measure of najaasat  dropping out. Even if a drop does coe out after wuzu, that wuzu will break.)
  2. Once najaasat has fallen in the toilet basin the water has become napaak. Therefore, the splashes are napaak. Whatever the splashes touch becomes napaak. However, you don’t need to have a full ghusl, you only need to wash those parts which have become napaak – to avoid this put some tissue in the basin before istinja. Better still, use an Asian toilet as there will be less possibilities of splashes in there.
  3. Water should never be sprinkled during the istibraa otherwise the najaasat will spread. Sprinkling water is only to get rid of any waswasah, whispering of the Shaytaan. It is permissible for such a person and he should do this after istibraa, and after wuzu.


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