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Existence Of One True God


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Kashif Zuberi

What is the evidence of existence of God?
One may ask, what is the evidence of the existence of God? What is the evidence that the earth and the universe that we see around us have a Creator? Can't this come into existence on its own?

The Reply:
The design in creation proves the existence of a designer. As one of names by which God calls Himself in the Quran is 'Al-Mosawer', meaning 'The Fashioner'.

We find that certain basic forces and ratios which govern critical features of our universe, such as the stability of subatomic particles and the lifetime of stars, are uncannily specific and sensitive - in some cases to the 3rd decimal place - and that any slight change would short circuit the development of a universe like ours. No scientist denies this.

The Big Bang is now an established science which formed the galaxies, and the universe we live in. However, was this a result of chance or is there an intelligent Designer behind it? Let us analyse.

If one considers that it was a result of chance, that it happened accidentally, the question that arise is that do accidents result in chaos or design?

Observation tells us that accidents result in chaos. If a glass is dropped from a table and breaks into pieces, the result is chaos. If a salvage yard on the south side of town blows up, the metal pieces do not form a car, infact the result is a chaos. And so on.

However if we observe the universe, it is not a chaos. There surely is a specific design. How can this design come into existence by chance? So i say, that there has to a Intelligent Designer behind this.

Who created God?
A counter argument that any atheist may present is that if all these have a creator, then the creator of all these must also have a Creator. So who created God? And also what proof is there that this creator is Only One?

The Reply:
The reply to this is that this Designer has to be One, who is not designed Himself. Because if one says that we are designed by someone, who was himself designed, then that designer would need a designer itself, and so on. This would go to infinity. Lets see if this is possible.

Suppose if A asks B to help him to lift a table, and B puts a condition that he will help only if he is helped by C, and C puts the condition that he will help, only if he is helped by D, and the chain goes to infinity. Will the table be ever lifted up? The answer is no.

Similarly if the Creator needs a creator, then that creator would also need a creator. And this would go till infinity. If this were the case, the creation would never take place. But since we are in existence, creation has taken place. This proofs that there has to be one Ultimate Creator who was not created.

So, for us to exist, the action has already taken place. This proves the existence of a D
esigner, who was Himself not designed, but exists on His own, without a beginning.

Unique Creator:
This creator has to be unlike creation, otherwise He would have needed a creator to create Him.


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