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Taqleed Made Easy- For Beginners - Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam Al Kawthari


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Taqleed At A Glance, A Basic Understanding (By Mufti Waseem Khan (Hafizahullah)

Taqleed literally means to follow, and according to the technical meaning used in the Shariah, it means ‘to follow someone in what he says, considering it to be the truth, without looking into the evidence for it’. (Baghwi) Based on the above meaning, we find that in reality, all Muslims do Taqleed knowingly or unknowingly. The reason for this is clearly seen from the conduct of all Muslims. Almost all Muslims rely on one scholar or another, from whom they take their advice, and adopt their rulings. All these are done without even knowing the evidence for the ruling. Whether Muslims accept a particular Alim/Shaikh or another, they cannot escape the fact that they rely on the opinions of a person and accept it even though they are not aware of the evidences for the said opinions.

full article visit  darululoomtt

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Assalaamu 'alaykumj warahmatullah


Welcome to the forum. Jazaakallah for the input. I think the complete article will be beneficial in the Madhab section inshaAllah as I found it easy to understand.

(link fixed). By the way, only the first few posts will need approving so please continue posting

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