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One Day In Tablighi Jamaat


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One Day In Tablighi Jamaat

(Dawah, Taleem-o-Ta’allum, Tazkiyya, Khidmat)



Selected writing of
Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi R.A

with Quotes and writing of other scholars in Appendix


Teaching and Learning of deen and its effort is integral part of muslim life.


It is very clear from Quran and Hadith that following is a parts and parcel of a Muslim life.

1. To learn deen for oneself and to practice it in life.

2. To Teach deen (Islamic Knowledge and Practice) to others

3. Encouraging for good and advising to stop from bad

4. Striving for the Spread and Propagation of deen. These all should be parts of a Muslim life.


In the era of prophet and early generation of Muslim people of all walk of life i.e Farmers businessman rich or poor used to spare some time for learning and teaching deen.



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