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Maulana Saeed Ahmed Khan Sahib - Dawat Ka Kaam


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Biography of Mawlana Saeed Ahmen Khan Saheb

Biography Maulana Saeed Ahmad Khan Makki who established work of Tableegh in Arab World Hadhrat Maulana Sa'eed Ahmad Khan Sahib Muhajir Makki [nawwarallahu marqaduhu] was born in the year 1903 a few miles away from Saharanpur, India. At the age of fifty years, he enrolled at the renowned Madrasah Mazahirul 'Uloom after being greatly influenced by the writings and teachings of Hadhrat Hakeemul Ummah Maulana Ashraf 'Ali Thanvi [rahimullah]. Almost seven years later he graduated after acquiring sacred knowledge from eminent scholars, like Shaykh al-Hadith Maulana Zakariya sahab, Maulana Abdul Lateef sahab, Maulana Abdur Rahman sahab, Maulana Asadullah sahab, Maulana Abdush Shakur sahab, Maulana Akbar 'Ali sahab and Mufti Mahmud al-Hasan Gangohi [may Allah be pleased with them all]. After that Maulana did serve the Madrasah for approximately a year in shape of teaching and writing verdicts. 



During this year he visited as well Maulana Ilyas Kandhalvi [rahimullah] several times, who sent him to Mewat in Jama'at as well. Later this bond between Hadhrat-ji Maulana Ilyas and him became so strong, that he became a mukeem [habitant] at the Nizamuddin Markaz and he became even more enganged in the effort of Dawah and Tabligh as before. After the demise of Maulana Ilyas, Hadhrat-ji Maulana Yusuf was appointed as the Tablighi Ameer and as we know he had a global vision and through the Blessing of Allah Ta'ala in his time the effort spread into far away places. To accomplish this vision Maulana Sa'eed Ahmad Khan sahib was sent to Makkah Mukarramah and after some difficulties (from the Saudi goverment) he decided to make the Holy Lands his permanent residence. Due to some Deeni tasks Hadhrat Maulana 'Ubaydullah Balyawi [rahimullah] had to move back to Hindustan and Maulana Sa'eed Ahmad Khan sahib became his successor in being Amir of Saudia Arabia.



Despite all his responsibilities and engagements in the effort of Deen, he remained very cautious of the inner purification and thus traversed the path of Suluk under the guidance of Shaykh al-Hadhit Maulana Muhammad Zakariya [rahimullah] and was even granted khilafat. To Maulana's outstanding characteristics belonged his humbleness, generousity, respect for others, wisdom and insight and many other sublime morals. Many people can testify to this.



In the later years he became very weak due to his high age and severe illness on top of that. He eventually had to move (back) to Pakistan. But despite all these hardships he would not compromise on the effort for the Deen and even in this state complete the recitation of one whole Qur'an every day. Hadhrat Maulana 'Umar Palanpuri [rahimullah] would refer to Maulana as the "Imam Ghazali of Tabligh". 1998, Maulana Sa'eed Ahmad Khan sahib went for 'Umrah and passed away in the blessed city of Madinah on the 14th November. May Allah Ta'ala forgive him and elevate his rank in Jannah.



Reference: http://www.sunniforum.com/forum/sho...saab-Maulana-Saed-Ahmed-makki-amp-Hafiz-Patel

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