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Who Is The Ideal Woman?


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All great men have been nurtured in the laps of women.  As the famous saying states,


“Behind every successful man there is a woman.” It is either the touch of a loving mother or the embrace of a devoted wife which propels man to the summits of success.  Men are moulded in the shadows of ideal women.

The ideal woman is the nucleus of the family.  She keeps bonds strong.  Whilst the father is busy earning the daily bread, the ideal woman as a mother at home wraps the children in a blanket of love and affection.  She tends to their needs and feeds them the love children so ardently desire.  When the mother sits to worship her loving Creator, she positions her child next to her on the prayer mat.  The child observes the mother inquisitively.  As the days pass, the child begins to imitate her actions.  A time comes where the child falls into prostration himself.  Before the mother falls to the ground in the presence of her Mighty Lord, the child displays his servitude and tumbles into prostration.  With the passage of time, the mother dons the child with Islamic attire.  The cute child now wears a qalansuwa (hat) and a jubba.  The child becomes accustomed to the times of prayer.  There was a time when the mother would call him to prayer, now he races to the prayer mat and awaits his mother.


The ideal woman reads and narrates the stories of the Prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam and Sahabah radialallahu anhum to the child.  She inspires and infuses the child with lofty aspirations.  She breathes into him the love of Islam and striving in the path of Allah.  She encourages the child to adopt the likes of Khalid bin Waleed and Salaahudeen al-Ayyubi radiallahu anhuma as heroes.


The ideal woman induces the love of Allah in her infant.  She implants the hatred of the materialistic life in the eyes of her child.  She places halal morsels into the small mouth of her child.  She raises him with the Qur’an resonating in his ears.  She instils prophetic values and ethics into the child.  Above all, she teaches him the name of Allah and introduces her son to Allah.  Her touch is imprinted and indented on the child.  Such a mother is the ideal woman.


The ideal woman does not fall short in her duties to her husband.  Upon seeing her husband, the flame of love is ignited and kindled in her bosom.  She awaits her husband earnestly in the shadows of her home.  When there is a knock on the door, she jumps with excitement to see her love of her life.  As she opens the door, she opens her arms to welcome and embrace her husband.  The intensity of love is so high, the sight of one another dissolves all tiredness, frustration and pain.


The ideal woman is very sensitive to the feelings of her husband.  His smile is her smile.  His laugh is her laugh.  His happiness is her happiness.  She does all she can to keep face of the husband glowing with a smile.  She gives her night and day to serve her prince.


The ideal woman is the coolness of her parent’s eyes.  Her sight is cooling to the eyes and soothing to soul.  She serves her parents.  She sits with her father and mother.  She expresses her sentiments to them.  She protects her chastity and honour.  She is a source of pride and delight for the parents.

The ideal woman is a caring friend.  Her shoulder is always nearby for a friend in need.  She is a refuge for the weak ones.  Others find solace and comfort in her midst.  She expels evil, sadness and gloom with her soft touch.  Her soft and warm tone draws the hearts together.


In essence, the ideal woman is the balance in society.  She is the pivot of humanity.  Her uprightness and soundness causes the society to be upright and sound.  She is a treasure for the husband, a fortune for the children, a jewel for the parents and a blessing for humanity.


We have to make a deal with ourselves to become ideal.  Until ‘I’ and ‘deal’ do not get together, one can never be ideal.


With Compliments- Darul Fiqh

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