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I’M Deeply Disturbed By The Presence Of Hoor In The Akhirah


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I’m deeply disturbed by the presence of Hoor in the akhirah…

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1) My name is technically “Kawthar” but because of where I come from it is pronounced “Kausar,” Islamically, does this have any affect, as I’ve heard that names have an affect on people.


2) I was reading the tafsir in Mariful Quran for Surah Nisaa, in which I understood that women were created for the comfort of men. How can something that has been created for something else be equal to it? I’ve always heard that men and women are equal in Islam depending on their actions, but I find it hard to swallow that the very nature of women is to be subservient to men? I feel that this is a very broad topic, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could direct to some books or other resources, specifically on the topic of Islam’s overall view of women more than specific things like purdah, etc. I’m deeply disturbed by the presence of Hoor in the akhirah. I asked my Alima about this, as we have not discussed that chapter in Mishkaat yet, and she said that this will not affect the happiness of the earthly women in Jannah, because if a woman wants a man to be completely devoted to her, she will have it. From your site I get the impression that as long as a couple gets into Jannah, the women will always be with their husbands and the husbands will always have many wives. Are the woman’s desires being dismissed? Or is this simply a desire that women are not supposed to have? My Alima said that I should ask a mufti if this is bothering me.



In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


1.    The pronunciation of your name as Kausar is correct.

2.    Your objective is based on the assumption that all women are created for the comfort of men. That itself is incorrect as Allah says that women are a garment for you (men) and you (men) are a garment for them (women). It is clear from this verse that both (husband and wife) are a means of comfort for each other.

The issue of hoors in Jannah can be addressed from many angles. Consider just one angle. A woman by nature is beauty conscious. She also tends to compare herself with other women. In her consciousness of her beauty, she generally regards herself to be superior to other women. In that she feels proud of herself.

The Quran describes the hoors of Jannah to be very pretty and beautiful, but the women of this world will be superior to them. They lived in this world, brought Imaan on Allah and practiced deen. They bore the difficulties of this world. How can hoors of Jannah be superior to the women of this world? They did not bear the hardships of this world.


Jannah and everything in it is created for the believers. The women of this world are not created for gifting purposes, rather they will be gifted. The hoors do not have that lofty stage of the women of this world. It is obvious that their beauty will outshine the beauty of the hoors. There can never be any comparison between the two.


A woman in Jannah will also be conscious of her beauty and feel proud in outstanding the beauty of the hoors. The hoors of Jannah are there to create an opportunity of comparison and matching in consideration of their feminine nature. It is then incorrect to conclude that the desires of women are not considered. The presence of hoors in Jannah is the effect consequences of her very feminine nature. The concentration of their husbands in Jannah will be more focused on their wives in spite of the beautiful and pretty hoors. That will make the hoors jealous and the woman of the world prouder.


The above is just a possible angle, but the hikmah of Allah is really beyond our understanding and comprehension. He is Al-Hakeem the All Wise and we bring faith in that.


Attached below is a similar question and answer on the status of women in relationship to a man. This is published in the latest Al-Mahmood.


“   Q: I heard that the Deen of Mariam (A.S) and Asiya (A.S) was perfect. I also heard that only men were prophets. If that is true, why have women been excluded from being prophets and deprived of the highest order among people? That goes against the perfection of Mariam (A.S) and Asiya (A.S).


A: Only males were appointed as the Prophets of Allah, not females. It is true that Maryam (A.S) and Asiya (A.S) gained perfection in Deen. This is stated in various Ahadith. It is incorrect to say that women are excluded from the highest order because they were not prophets. Perfection is measured against equals. The sweetness of an apple is measured against other apples. One cannot measure the sweetness of an apple through bananas. Similarly the perfection of women must be measured against women and not against men. This is because both are different in creation and nature. Can it be said that men are inferior to women because they cannot conceive and give birth? Women have the natural ability to bear and carry the noblest of creation in their wombs. Since men cannot conceive, they are excluded and deprived of carrying the greatest of creation, mankind, within them. There must be compatibility in measure. This is not so in men and women, as they are completely different unto each other. Yes, they compliment each other. It would be inappropriate to compare women against men.   “   {Taken from Al-Mahmood #35}


And Allah knows best


Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In’aamiyyah



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