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Kitaabus Saum (Book Of Fasting)


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Kitaabus Saum


Description : "O People of Imaan! Siyâm (fasting) has been ordained for you just as It was ordained for those before you so that you attain taqwa"! [Qur'an] Siyam is among the fundamental acts of Ibadat. It has been ordained by Allah Ta'ala for the development of taqwa (piety) in the Mu'mineen. Fasting is extremely efficacious for the acquisition of taqwa. A Muslim cannot acquire Divine Proximity without taqwa. Without taqwa, the Muslim must necessarily drift far off the straight Path (Seeratul Mustaqeem) which leads to Allah Ta'ala and everlasting success in the Akhirah. One who denies the fardhiyat (obligation) of Saum, no longer remains a Muslim and the one who does not fast during the month of Ramadhan is a Fassiq (an immoral and flagrant transgressor) of the highest order. Such a Fassiq totally destroys his spirituality and morality and exposes his Imân to the gravest onslaughts of kufr. There are numerous benefits, both spiritual and physical, of fasting. The prime benefit in the pursuit of taqwa is the suppression of the inordinate desires and demands of nafs-e-ammarah (man's base carnal propensity). Author : Mujlisul-Ulama of South Africa


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