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Ramadan Checklist

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Since this month is so important, we need to make a check list which we can follow throughout the month. Here is a sample check list for every one.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “At every breaking of the fast, Allah has people whom He redeems.”
We might never get this month again in life, every second is important. Here are some questions you can include in your self analysis check list:

Self analysis questions:


Did I offer all prayers on time today?

Did I do morning and evening adhkaar?

Did I read Quran along with meaning?

Did I try to help any muslim/ or removed his problem?

Did I give iftaar to any fasting person?

Did I repent to Allah for the mistakes I made today?

Did I offer the late night prayer (tahajjud)?

Did I remember death/hereafter today?

Approximate sins I committed today?

Did i convey a good message (could be a hadith/Quranic verse)?

Did I forbid evil today?

Did I control my anger?

Did I indulge in back biting?

Did I treat my parents nicely today? (helped them, made du’a for them, took care of their needs and emotions, gave them gift, gave them time, talked to them etc)

Did I ask Allah for Jannah thrice and sought His refuge from the Hell, thrice?

Did I do any sort of bid’ah (innovation) today?

Was I selfish in any way today?

Add more questions. Take it upto 50.

Final comment:
Strive for the Hereafter according to how long you shall remain there, & strive for this world according to how long you shall remain here.

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