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  1. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg comes in 100th richest persons of the world. He was just 19 years old when he launched facebook which beats several professionally runned social websites like orkut and others having billion dollars of budget with proper team. Had he thought he was too young to start something innovative, he would have been never known today… The messenger of Allah ( peace be upon him) would view youth as a opporunity to spread the Islamic guidelines to future generations. Scholars write that teaching youth was his utmost priority this was because he’d view them as future scholars leadi
  2. Since this month is so important, we need to make a check list which we can follow throughout the month. Here is a sample check list for every one. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “At every breaking of the fast, Allah has people whom He redeems.” We might never get this month again in life, every second is important. Here are some questions you can include in your self analysis check list: Self analysis questions: Yes/no Did I offer all prayers on time today? Did I do morning and evening adhkaar? Did I read Quran along with meaning? Did I try to help a
  3. Al Hasan Al Basri was a great eminent scholar of his time. Masses would often approach him with their problems seeking his advice. According to few narrations, once someone came to him, and asked his advice regarding growth of grain and wheat, "What should I do so that Allah makes my land fertile, increase my output in terms of farming?", the questioner asked. He replied: do repentance! Another time, a man came to him, seeking guidance to flourish his business, the reply was the same: do repentance. Then came a man with a question, about his children, yet the reply remained the same w
  4. Have you heard about the new wave of feminists seeking to liberate women from the shackles of Islam by telling us to take part in a war against Islam! What do they want to free us from? Is it our Dignity they want to free us from? The fact that our creator didn’t just want us to be treated as mere sex-objects but protected us by commanding us to cover ourselves? That He made us sacred, so that if a man wants to be close to us he has to commit to us? Nudity only objectifies women further - when confronted with a topless woman, the last thing men are thinking about is how much they respec
  5. Meaningful Ramadan OK folks so Ramadan is just around the corner & with all that Ramadan hype surrounding us, let's revise some tips for a better Ramadan ahead. Hints & tips for meaningful fasting: *The Qur’an declares Ramadhaan as the month to program our minds towards taqwa. It is not a month of eating & shopping. It's a month when Allah forgives multitudes of people - Muslims should know very well whether sins are forgiven in malls and eateries or ibadah. How right has Allah said: Wama adraka maa laylatul qadr? And what do you know what is Laylatul Qadr? Only if we
  6. Happiness is in your emaan, in reading the Qur'an, in your daily Salah, in pleasing Allah, in loving Allah, in helping others, or even in making others smile. When you have no one, you have Allah with you. If you call on Him, He listens to you even if it’s in the middle of the night. If you have lost something or someone in life, know that Allah SWT will grant you something much better and there will be someone good in your life again. He takes and He gives. When you are in need, He is the first one who comes to your aid. He has truly blessed you with guidance and that's where the beauty l
  7. Every one of us is tested in different ways. For some of us, it might be the excess of wealth, for others, the lack of wealth. For some, it might be in the avoidance of alcohol, for other, guarding one's tongue from speaking evil. Think long and hard about the struggle you are going through and then try to pass this test. Because if Allah tests you with the same trial again and again, there must be a lesson He wants you to master.
  8. So who is cooler and who makes more sense?! You decide! So this first guy is your typical everyday 19-year-old Pakistani guy living in Islamabad and Lahore or any other major city in Pakistan. He gets up every morning, shaves.. Because all ‘young’ people have to shave right ?! Because EVERYONE does it and says so right? .. The scratches, the itchiness, the stress on the face is all worth it because then he’ll get looked at by mates at Uni and if lucky, a pretty girl will stare at him and fall in love with him, yeah?! Hmmm.. Spends over 2 hours getting ready, combing every strand of his hai
  9. "Guide us to the straight path," (Surah Fatiha 1:5) Explanation: There is only one Surah we are required to recite every day a minimum of seventeen times a day (in the five daily Salah) and that is Surah Fatiha. The central verse of Surah Fatiha is a dua which Allah promises to accept and that dua is a dua for guidance. Guidance is the single most important thing a believer could ask for! It is more important than health, wealth and all worldly things, as without guidance we are lost in both worlds. Furthermore, guidance is not a once-off thing, we are constantly in need of Allah'
  10. If we really wanted to wake up for Fajr, we would. If we really wanted to pray our prayers with utmost Khushoo’ and if we wanted to pray the Nawafil prayers, we would. If we really wanted to wear the appropriate hijaab and stop listening to music and start reciting the Qur’aan and obey our parents, we would. If we really wanted to learn Islam and make an effort for our Creator, we would. We really would. If we wanted to do anything, we would. I just don’t think we want it bad enough. Because when you value it, you find a way. When you don't, you find an excuse. Reflect.
  11. “’So her Lord accepted her well and made her grow up well, and put Zakariya in charge of her. Every time Zakariya entered her sanctuary, he found food by her. He asked, ‘Oh Maryam, How did you get this?’ She replied, ‘It is from Allah. Surely, Allah provides for whomever He wills without measure,” (Surah Aal Al-Imraan 3:37) Explanation: In this verse, the chosen woman Maryam (peace be upon her) teaches us all a very important lesson about Rizq (sustenance) and Tawakul (putting your trust in Allah). While her receiving this food was a miracle, it however teaches us to always remember that
  12. A wooden branch is limited in its uses. Presumably, it can be used for firewood or put to use as a cane or staff to lean on, or as something to point with. When found lying on the side of a road, one's curiosity would generally not be aroused by it, nor would one covet its possession. Yet, this lifeless piece of wood was previously a living branch to a breathing plant. It bore leaves, fruits and flowers and provided sustenance and shelter for those who sought shade under it. Being cut away from the tree rendered it hollow, lifeless and worthless. Such is Sin. Sin (ʿiṣyān), 'rebellion' and 'wi
  13. Three Types of Ṣabr: Ṣabr is of three types. 1. Ṣabr in the face of a calamity. Death of a loved one, car accident, loss of a job, muṣībah happens. How do we do ṣabr at that point in time? We act Islamically. We don't say what we shouldn't say. We don't move our hands and wail and cry. We act responsibly and sensibly. This is the first category of ṣabr. 2. Restrain ourselves from committing sins. If we see some alcohol and temptations come to drink it, some of us may have a problem with this, but they have ṣabr and control it. This ṣabr is generally more difficult than the firs
  14. ‘O My slaves, I have prohibited Myself injustice; and have made oppression unlawful for you, so do not oppress one another. O My slaves, all of you are liable to err except the one whom I guide on the Right Path, so seek guidance from Me so that I will guide you to the Right Path. O My slaves, all of you are hungry except the one whom I feed, so ask food from Me, I will feed you. O My slaves, all of you are naked except those whom I clothe, so ask clothing of Me and I shall clothe you. O My slaves, you commit sins night and day and I forgive all sins, so seek My forgiveness and I shall forgive
  15. Islam is not a religion of equality but of Justice! There are some people who speak of equality instead of justice, and this is a mistake. We should not say equality, because equality implies no differentiation between the two. Because of this unjust call for equality, they ask, “What is the difference between male and female?” So they have made men similar to women. The communists said, “What difference is there between the ruler and the subject? No one has any authority over anyone else.” Not even the father over his son?! So they said the father has no authority over his son and so o
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