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Who Is Our Gaze On?


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A young girl was once walking along a road. After a while she sensed that she was being followed. She turned around to find a boy walking behind her. She asked him as to why he was following her. He replied that he loves her deeply and was infatuated with her extreme beauty. She said to him, “My beauty is nothing. My sister is walking behind and she is much more beautiful than me.” As soon as she said this, the boy turned around to look behind him. But as he turned to look, the girl gave him a tight slap and said to him, “Do you not have any shame? You claim to love me, but you turn your gaze towards someone other than me!!” 


Lesson: In the very same way, it should never be that we claim to love Allah Ta’ala but our hearts are inclined to the haraam fashions, lusts and temptations of this temporary world. The one in who’s heart the love of Allah Ta’ala has settled will never look in any other direction.



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