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Start Of Ramadhan 1434: Press Release

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Start of Ramadhan 1434: Press Release

This is a synopsis of the findings of Moonsighting (UK), ICOP & ICOP-UK on the start of Ramadhan deliberately edited and simplified for common Muslims to understand and use to protect their acts of worship during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. Before proceeding further, we would like to inform the readers that ICOP is an International body comprising of over 400 members from all over the Muslim world including Saudi Arabia who research issues relating to moon sighting and make deliberate attempts to sight and coordinate naked eye sighting of the moon every month and not just the Holy month of Ramadhan and Dhul-Hijjah. You must understand and internalise this important distinction since it isn’t possible to attempt to coordinate naked eye sighting of Ramadhan moon without attempts to sight and coordinate sighting for every Islamic month.


1 Europe/UK: Free email, mobile alerts by Islamic Crescent Observation for the UK every month


2 Europe/UK:  Wifaqul-Ulamah (UK) Body of Scholars coordinating and informing people about moon sighting


3 USA: Hilal Sighting Committee of America


3 South Africa: Moon sighting is announced via various means including Shaykh Ebrahim Bham (Twitter), Channel Islam International etc


4 Pakistan: Announced on local media and emails are sent out by a Yahoo group managed by Shaykh (Mufti) Sultan Alam (HA) who is the Head of Department of Astronomy Jamiatur Rasheed (Karachi, Pakistan)


5 India: Announced on local media and collected and reported on our site


All of the sources above report on naked eye moon sighting for every Islamic month, they neither look at a calendar hanging on their wall (for months other then Ramadhan) nor spring into a frenzy of activity 1 day before Ramadhan and start discussing moon sighting. Many of the Scholars, brothers and sisters involved have over a decade of involvement in monthly moon sighting.

  Full investigative report from Moonsighting (UK) about Ramadhan 1434 in 3 languages:


Years of experience and coordination has enabled thorough and impartial investigation into moon sighting for Ramadhan (1434) and presentation in 3 most commonly understood languages for Muslims, see below.


1 Ramadhan (1434) Moon sighting report (English)


2 Ramadhan (1434) Moon sighting report (Arabic)


3 Ramadhan (1434) Moon sighting report (Urdu)


Full article here


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UK has the only group of Deobandees in the world who cry Salafi/Salafi every 10 minutes, then turn around and follow Saudi Arabia and still claim to make Taqleed of Hanafi Madhab.


Comedy in motion!


Deobandees of India/Pakistan/Bangladesh/South Africa/USA/Canada in fact all over the world (apart from UK) have never received this guidance of following Saudi moon sighting

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