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Freedom Or Slavery -Backward Or Progressive


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Shaykh Abdul Hamid Ishaq (Damat Barakatuhum) states in his pamphlet 'Status of Women':

Let us just scratch the surface and peep to analyse these claims. With regard to the freedom of women a non-Muslim white Australian woman was employed in a Muslim School of necessity but with the condition of wearing a cloak and even veiling her face. She complied and when asked after some time how she felt in this garb, since their lifestyle is one of semi-nudity, her spontaneous reply is an eye opener to reality. She said Islamic life-style has given me freedom from western slavery. In their culture a person is enslaved to wearing a certain colour of shoes to match the dress. Then the nail polish, lipstick, blush etc. all have to match as well. In Islam simplicity is the rule and by donning the cloak there is no need for this matching culture.

On the other hand Islam has taught basic hygiene and cleanliness, A medical doctor writes in a medical journal that the west is 1400 years behind the east in basic toilet hygiene. He says in the west toilet paper is used to polish oneself with the excreta while in the east clean water is used to cleanse oneself. Moulana Thanwi said that with that filth they get into a tub to ‘bath.’ However they pollute all that water with that filth, some of it even enters the mouth in the process. In many cases a number of people use the same tub of water - all adding to the pollution and delighting in its drinking, however little. A famous resort’s swimming pool was tested for urine which showed it contained 60% urine just kept sparkling with chemicals! What filth! O Muslims, are we going to opt for such a lifestyle?

With regard to financial independence, if it is worked out what a woman earns and in order to go out and work what her wardrobe costs her, her travelling and keeping a maid to do her house duties amongst other things, in most cases there will be no gain but rather a deficit! Of course there can be no monetary figures that can be put on the moral social, religious and feminine losses when a woman leaves her natural precincts and opts to work in an alien place to her exclusive biological, moral, social and religious build-up. From a psychological point of view a woman is not meant to go out and work. When she does, she has to impress her bosses/superiors with her job. To achieve this she has to give off more than she has for which she has to draw on her reserves. Consequently when she returns home she is totally exhausted and dehydrated, her children run up to her seeking love from “mummy” but what can a tired working woman offer them. She gets irritated, pushes the one out of the room, slaps the other into silence and sprawls onto the bed. The husband returns, also tired and hungry and a hungry man is an angry man. Two negatives meet and the natural result is a dispute.

An Islamic lifestyle is a balanced one, the husband returns to a ready meal and a fresh family awaiting him. When a woman has drawn on all her resources and is totally exhausted, she takes some panados to release her tension. When this does not work, she has to get medication from a doctor which is nothing else but ‘legal drugs.’ This in turn takes its full toll on her with all its side-effects and now the last resort and the best scape-goat - Jadu (magic), the Aamils now come into action with their roaring fraudulent business robbing us of our Imaan, money and our women’s sanctity. They solve no ‘problems’ but create bitter hatred, enmity, suspicion, false accusations, etc. in closely knitted family circles.

Our biggest Jadu is the Shaytaan box. its grandmother: the video and the western life style, With these Haraam weeds in our lives we can never expect the roses of Islam to grow. Even if we send our most pious person to the Ka’aba to make Dua that we have planted weeds and that Allah must let roses grow, it is against the Sunnat of Allah! It does not happen!

A person came to Marhoom Hafiz Salloo Saheb of Germiston and said, “I am sending my daughter to university and you know of the evil environment there. So please make Dua that Allah must safeguard her from all that evil.” Hafiz Saheb remarked,“What you are telling me is that you want to send your daughter in the rain and I must make Dua that she must not get wet!”

As far as the intermingling of sexes is concerned, let some statistics of the USA suffice to show what results this produced: 54 million abortions a year of which they say 20 million were illegal meaning thereby that 34 million were legal! When Islam commands the taking of a life for a crime committed, it is barbaric. When millions of innocent infants are killed in the most savage way, it is medical advancement, culture and civilisation. (O Allah, in which world are we living?) Islam’s law of justice guarantees every citizen safety and protection. For practical results look at Makkah and Madina. Their western universities teach filthy lies in law, psychology etc. which forces innocent people to live in the prisons of their homes with burglar bars while the crooks roam the streets freely. Even our Masjids have to have burglar bars and be locked. Little girls are gang-raped and the beasts are let loose on petty bail, which they skip also. Furthermore, look at the statistics! One million young girls become pregnant in one year of which one third go for abortions - thirteen thousand under the age of fifteen. The single major factor which causes girls to drop out of schools is pregnancies. A woman confesses that 90% of girls are first ‘used’ by their own fathers, the majority of them before reaching the age of 6. She herself was ‘used’ by her father at the age of 5.

M.H. Jamaluddin writes that the only reason for bringing out women into the male dominated modem merry-go-round (the commercial world) is to satisfy the lust of men. A Muslim woman writes in the Lenasia Times how her Muslim boss “trapped” her and broke up her marriage. An air hostess of PIA confesses that their supervisors demand sex favours for promotions. The unwritten law of this evil merry go-round is: no sex no employment, no sex no promotion. He further states that women are mere flower pots and door mats of this merry-go-round. Modern women are humiliated, enslaved, dehydrated & dehumanised. When this princess or queen leaves the palace of the father or husband and goes into the vicious outside world, she is like a sheep that enters the den of the wolves who pounce on her naivety and unawareness. It is narrated in a Hadith that when a woman steps out of her fort, Shaytaan is waiting in ambush for her. It is also narrated that when she emerges, shaytaan beautifies her in the eyes of other men and she becomes the cause of driving a wedge between husband and wife.

The open result of this western, liberated way of life is rape, divorce (leaving in its wake heartache and pain) and consequently delinquents, drugs, alcohol, incest and child abuse. Their parliaments have legalised homosexuality where Mr. John marries Mr Jack, announces it in newspapers and celebrates it. The animal kingdom of the west! When a woman leaves her natural precincts she loses her greatest physical capital, her feminineness. A working woman loses her motherhood and her wifehood.

Mufti Taqi Usmani, analysing the modem woman says that when a woman works in her own house she is backwards but when she works for someone else she is progressive. When she feeds her family, she is backwards but when she feeds people in a restaurant or an aircraft, she is progressive. When she beautifies herself for her husband, she is backward but when she beautifies herself for other men she is progressive. Amrandir Bajaj, a gold medallist gynaecologist after doing thousands of abortions makes a confession. He says that it has been ultrasonically proven that the body feels pain when being aborted. When the mother feels life in her womb she feels such a sense of joy and honour that Allah has used her for this great miracle of bringing a human-being into the world. The child has just gained life, it starts kicking, playing in its mother’s protection. It is about to put its first step into the world. The mother will grant it protection at the risk of her own life. The worst sculptor does not destroy his own creation but marvels at it. But when the mother or rather the murderer wants to take the life of her own child because of some petty excuse like an examination, wedding function or holiday, she realises she cannot commit the gruesome and cruel murder of an innocent life so she hires an assassin - a gynaecologist. The poor child has no inkling of its impending doom. It is enjoying itself when suddenly metallic instruments come one after another, then the one-eyed monster comes with its open greedy mouth, grabs a part of a limb, wrenches it off and the comfortable protective womb is transformed into a sea of blood. The child sends signals of fear to the mother? (murderer!) The stupid fool is crying for help from its murderers ? ? ?! Like a fish out of water it is opening and closing its mouth, screaming in silence, gasping for life - everything fights for life - why not this little wonderful being? But it is condemned to die by its own mother.

The one eyed monster strikes again and again taking limb after limb. Finally the head is grabbed by a bigger sinister monster which crushes it and the brains ooze out and finally those beautiful little eyes follow like pearls. The gynaecologist wipes his hands on his white coat, money changes hands and the most gruesome, cruel and brutal murder, worse than burying alive or neck-lacing has taken place which goes down in the flowery medical terminology as an MTP (medical termination of pregnancy). Is this any culture or civilisation? Is this medical advancement??!! Is this what the Cairo Conference of the U.N wants to push down the throats of the people? The Qur’aan asks (to highlight the innocence of the child) “For what sin were you killed?” If we follow in their footsteps, we must expect their evils to follow. A poet says: O Haji, you will not reach the Kaaba, for you are walking in the direction of Turkistan. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the corrupt evil life of the western women and their culture.

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