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Poem: My Favourite Lil Spot

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My favorite lil spot is the little area on my prayer rug where i place my face and hands before Allah and i can say anything i want to Him 

I can ask Him for anything 

And even if it's just a whisper He can hear the screams inside 

And even if it's just one tear He know there's an ocean deep inside 

It is my time with Allah when no one can interfere 

It is my time alone with my Creator and when the rest of the world disappears 

It doesn't matter how many times i do this a day... 

I still feel as if it's the last time i could do it that day 

I want Him to know how much i love Him 

How much i need Him 

How much i want to please Him
Be with Him
And how much i want to be better for Him 

All it takes is a few minutes on my lil prayer rug to feel close to Allah
All it takes is a quick reminder that one day I'll be in front of Allah
For me to humble myself before Him and ask Him for forgiveness 

Ask for guidance and for His sweetness
For i can do all things with Him on my side 

I can overcome all the heartbreak and pain that's inside
Just as long as Allah hears my cry 

And carries me through this life

It is on that lil space where my face and hands land on my prayer rug that i feel most at ease 

It is that lil space that fills me most with peace 

Where i can just hand it all over to Allah and trust in Him to get me through
Where i can cry and cry and know Allah will take care of me when i don't know what to do 

When i prostrate before Allah it's just me and Him 

Just my heart talking sincerely to Him 

No one else knows what i'm saying or what i'm feeling; just Him 

It is my place to get away from this world even for just a few minutes and turn towards my Creator 
My Sustainer 

My Everything....My Rabb, and know that if i just whisper He can hear and see all that's inside 

And everytime i ask and cry, He takes a lil piece of my heart and mends it back together inside. 

It's that lil space that gives me all these things 

My favorite spot is that lil space on my prayer rug where i place my hands and face 

It is in that lil space...where it's just me and Allah...in my lil space
unknown author

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