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Shafi'ee Fiqh Courses


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Dar al-Turath al-Islami (DTI) literally translates as Home of Islamic Heritage; dar means home and turath means heritage. The dar by means of its various activities aims to provide students access to our Islamic heritage and the scholars associated with it. DTI Part-Time Arabic & Higher Islamic Education evening classes provide students with an opportunity to read and understand the Quran. The Ilm Intensive Courses are primarily aimed at non-Arabic students who wish to further their Islamic education while the Publishing House and Media Center provides relevant literature and audiovisual to this end.


The website is honored to host a page dedicated to Mln Taha Karaan, that contains a number of his works covering contemporary as well as classical issues which is a must read for contemporary Muslims earnest to live their Islam in this modern world.


Our aim is to enable English speakers to access the legacy of Islam by equipping them with the means to do so.




DTI is run by Shafi’ee ulama. Though the courses are not punted as Shafi fiqh courses, they are presented to the awaam of the Western Cape who are 98% Shafi and the biggest Muslim Community in SA.


DTI is run by students of Allamah (Mufti)  Taha Karaan (HA)

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