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How Can I Seek Allah’S Forgiveness?


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I  fell in love with a man for the first
time of my life few years ago and it didnt take too long for us to
get physically attached. Soon we realized the horrible mistake we made
and planned to get married as soon as possible. I was ready to get married
at that time but he was not, so to accelerate the situation, I helped him
financialy to complete his study and get a job. Now that he has got work
and things are a bit settled, unfortunately he doesnt seem to interested
in getting married now.


May be this is a punishment from Allah which I
deserve, but I am just feeling that I dont have anymore patience, no
energy to go through this. I cant force him if he wants to step back now,
what do I do now?  I attempted to suicide, but thats even bigger sin
and its not the ultimate solution. this is the only sin I have committed
in my knowledge that will lead me to jahannam after my death, what can I
do? please help me, I am scared if I die today, I am taking this sin with
me and cant concentrate in my

salah…is there any specific procedure to follow to seek forgiveness to
Allah the most merciful and get rid of this sin?


In the Name
of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.


‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.


Sister in Islam;


Your sense of guilt for the wrong you have
committed is highly commendable. It is your Iman and consciousness of
accountability to Allah that is of concern to you. This is Tawfeeq and guidance
from Allah. Allah wishes to guide you on the straight path and cleanse you from
sins. Thank Allah for that.


The back peddling of the man in reference is the
consequence of the Haram relationship. Never expect any good to come out of
Haram. You are wise enough to realize that.


If the person has expressed he is not interested in
marrying you, that is his choice. There is good hidden in that. Do not grieve
upon that. Break all contact with him and make Tauba to Allah. Never lose hope
in the mercy and forgiveness of Allah. Allah most loving, caring, kind,
tolerant, and most affectionate. Love Him. He will love you. Turn to Him. He
will guide you. Praise and fear Allah. He will open doors of ease and comfort
for you. Be sincere in your Tawba and never doubt being forgiven. Fulfill all
your duties to Allah. Perform your five daily Salaah, recite Quran and Zikr


Be patient until Allah opens the way for you.


And Allah knows

Mufti Ebrahim


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