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Allah Ta'ala's Love For The Muslimah


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“Allah Ta’ala wants us to contemplate on the blessings He has bestowed upon us so that we reach the conclusion that Allah Ta’ala loves us and then we return that love with love”!


Beautiful words from our respected Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat! He then elucidates the special favours bestowed upon the Muslim woman. I have tried to convey his words to the best of my ability so that we as Muslim women know how much love Allah Ta’ala has for us, and through the barakah of Shaykh we do return that love with total love and submission, insha Allah:


"The Qur’an, which came down to the best of creation, through the best of Angels, in the best of months, on the best of nights and in the best of places and through which Allah Ta’ala communicates with His creation was first recited to a woman, Hadrat Khadijah Radiyallahu anha.


It wasn’t so that the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam met Hadrat Abu Bakr or Hadrat ‘Umar Radiyallahu anhum on his way back from the cave of Hira where the revelation took place, nor did he meet Hadrat ‘Ali or Hadrat Uthmaan Radiyallahu anhum. No he went home and recited it to his wife Khadijah Radiyallahu anha and it was to her that he expressed his fears, and it was she who comforted him and believed in him with firm conviction. She was blessed with being the first to accept Islam and she was the first to spend her wealth in the path of Allah. The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhim wasallam once conveyed salaams to her which Allah Ta’ala had sent through the Angel Jibraeel. What an honour for women! Even the high stage of being a martyr was first conferred on a woman, Hadrat Sumayyah Radiyallahu anha who was the first to give her life in the cause of Islam.


Honours aside, Allah Ta’ala has been Kind and Merciful to His inferior creation in many ways. Men have to attend salaat with congregation at the masjid, having to walk there in all weathers five times a day to get 25 times more reward, while for women Allah Ta’ala made it easy, who get the same reward by performing salaat in the innermost part of their homes. Then there is the fact that a woman does not perform salaat at all during her days of menstruation, yet she gets full reward if she is regular with her salaat in days of purity.


Along with being regular with salaat, if a woman fasts in the month of Ramadhaan, protects her chastity and strives to obey her husband, all 8 doors of Janaat are opened for her and she may enter through whichever door she wishes”. Here Shaykh mentions that obedience to the husband does not mean she is the slave and he, the master. Islam has made men and women equal in all matters, i.e. attaining knowledge, worship etc, in fact a woman may even surpass her husband spiritually, and there is no obedience to the husband in the disobedience of Allah. The husband is higher in status as a manager is in an office or a factory where someone has to be in charge. In the home the husband is the king, but the wife is the prime minister who is there to consult with as she is the one who is aware of the needs of the household, the children and the family. She need not worry about earning a living as Allah Ta’ala has taken care of this through first her father, then husband and son and whether she is a daughter, a wife, a mother or a sister, Islam has given her honour and respect”.


Should we women not repay Allah Ta’ala for these favours by submitting to Him, loving Him and following His commands? Should we not be proud and honoured to be Muslim women and should we not fulfil the role of the Muslim woman?


Posted on www.shaykh.org (Thursday, March 1, 2007)

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