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Are You Brainwashed? Find Out!


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We all know that Islam commands women to dress modestly and to cover up. We call it hijab. Islam also commands the men to have this certain look; supporting a beard and dressing modestly.


This is the Islamic norm. Simple.


And this brings us to a very important word: fitnah. What is fitnah? Anything that takes us away from following our religion is a fitnah. And these days, the whole society around us is a fitnah - for the most part.


And now here is a look into today's reality. Muslims today have forgotten their basics of religion. Hijab and beard (dress code), looking like Muslims, is only one facet of Islam; it's not the whole religion nor is it the first and the end of it. But it is an important part of our religion and following it is very much necessary. The Muslims of old used to dress up like Muslims; women in complete hijab, men with beard and modestly clothed. All OK, no prob! No body gave them odd stares; every one was dressed that way. It was the norm. In fact, anyone dressed otherwise was actually considered the odd one out. Totally opposite now. Now the norm is to sin and people will stare at you, ridicule you, look odd at you, what not only because you are wearing the hijab!


The odd treatment given to you increases so much that one has to pause and remind oneself that in reality wearing the hijab is normal and taking it off is abnormal! Same goes with the brothers; you grow a little beard and that's it! Now you are the target of endless questions "What happened to you?" "Why did you grow this anyway?" They'll stop you every where and the security will check you more than they check others? Why? Because the Sunnah of the Messenger (upon whom be peace) is suddenly associated with terrorism or something so outdated! SubhaanAllah!


Bottom line: Firstly, understand the basics of that religion which you claim to follow. Remember that right is right even with no one doing it and wrong is wrong even with every one doing it.


Majority never justifies any sin. Be proud of your religion and don't fall victim to the false propaganda preached by the biased media.

Look like a Muslim, live like a Muslim. And proudly so! Don't be ashamed to obey Allah, don't be ashamed to follow the Quran, don't cringe away from being a Muslim!


Support those who stick to the Islmaic dress code. Don't be an obstacle in the way of good.


Last word for those who are ridiculed for sticking to Islam: be patient, you are doing right, don't give up! Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone!


No wonder, Islam began as something strange and has returned to being strange.


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