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Fell Ill During Fast And Took Medicine

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Question: A person started his fast and then fell ill. His condition became really serious but although there was no fear of death occuring, the doctor gave him medicine. Will this person receive a sin for taking the medicine? And is only Qadha obligatory on him or Kaffarah as well?





Answer: If it is strongly and dominantly thought that the condition of a patient will worsen or prolong then it is permissible to break the fast. Only Qadha is wajib and Kaffarah is not needed. However, if the treatment could be done by administrating an injection then it will not be permissible to break the fast.

قال فی الھندیة المریض اذا خاف علی نفسہ التلف اوذھاب عضو یفطر بالاجماع وان خاف زیادة العلة و امتدادہ فکذلک عندنا و علیہ القضاء اذا افطر ﴿عالمگیریة، ص ۳۰۷ ج ١﴾ فقط واللہ تعالی اعلم



Ahsanul Fatawa Vol.4 pg 432


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