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She Preferred A House In Jannah

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[removebr]  The pages of history are replete
with accounts of unbelievable hardships faced by righteous men and their piety.
Not only men but women too have endured untold hardships and shown
extraordinary patience.


The wife of Firoun was among
these strong willed women. In today’s terminology we would call her a first
lady, the consort of the king, your royal highness. She was a woman who enjoyed
every privilege and comfort. Rivers flowed beneath her palace and she had a
view of the river Nile. She was intelligent and well-admired by all the women
of Egypt, who all wished to be in her position.


After picking up Moosa (alayhis
salam) from the river Nile she took care of him and paid attention to his
upbringing. For this she appointed 400 slaves and when he went out, he rode
with such grandeur that people thought him to be the son of Firoun.


Moosa (alayhis salaam) later left
Egypt and returned to challenge the magicians of Firoun. This was not only
between Moosa (alayhis salaam) and Firoun but it was between truth and
falsehood for the people of Egypt. Aasiya who watched the victory of Moosa
(alayhis salaam) over the magicians was left impressed. She and her slave girl
Maashita went to Moosa (alayhis salaam) to express their desire to accept
Islam. They then kept their imaan hidden from Firoun.

One day while combing the
princess’s hair, Maashita the slave girl dropped the comb. She uttered
“Bismillah” as she bent down to pick it up. The princess was astonished on
hearing this and said, “Do you mean my father?”Firoun was informed about her
iman and here began a difficult trial for her, a trial where even strong men
falter. Firoun ordered a large brass vessel to be brought.A fire was kindled in
it until it was venomously hot. Her children were then thrown in one by one in
front of her eyes until it was the turn of the last child who was still
suckling from his mother. This made her sob.The infant suddenly spoke to her
saying, “Mother jump! The punishment of this world is light compared to the


Aasiya after witnessing the
brutal punishment of her slave girl now revealed her Imaan. Firoun became
enraged. She was given a last chance to accept Islam when Firoun threatened to
drop a boulder on her. Firoun announced if she left Islam he would take her as
his wife and if not, this would be her end. However Aasiya was convinced of her
faith and she remained steadfast. As Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam
mentioned in a hadeeth, “When imaan enters the recess’s of the heart there is
nothing to deny it from the sweetness of imaan”. She made Dua and Allah
mentions it in the Quraan. “And for the believers Allah has set an example in
the wife of Firoun who said: My Rabb build for me a house in paradise, deliver
me from Firoun and his misdeeds and save me from the wicked nation.” Her gaze
then turned towards the heaven and she recited her Shahadat. In some narrations
it is mentioned that Allah showed her palace in Jannah before she passed away,
and that Allah took her soul away before the boulder fell on her.


Wealth and position should not
make us compromise on Deen. When a person is sincere in faith then its blessing
make it easy to tolerate persecution. It was only her sincerity that gave the
Royal Queen, Aasiya the strength to bear oppression and cruelty. Those who walk
the path of truth are never alone. At every step Allah grants them patience and
steadfastness. A woman is naturally weak and a Queen more so by being waited on
but when she tasted faith she stood by every kind of injustice.



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