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What A Mother!


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I remembered reading this story about the mother of Imam Ghazali and his brother.


Being an Imam of the masjid, the great Imam once complained to his mother that his brother, Ahmed, did not
perform salaat behind him. She in turn reprimanded the younger son and he therefore began attending jamaa’at at the masjid.


During this time Imam Ghazali was occupied with writing a book on Fiqh and had reached Kitaabul Haydh
(menstruation). One day in the course of leading salaat he became preoccupied with thought of a ruling regarding this subject and he dwelled upon it for some time. His brother left midway and completed salaat alone.


Once again the Imam complained to his mother. Upon her query, Ahmed said, “Beloved Mother! Ask him, if someone’s clothes are soiled or stained by blood, will his salaat be in order?”

Imam Ghazali replied, “of course not!"

Ahmed retorted, “The rank of the heart (spiritual) is greater than clothes (external). When it is necessary for
clothes to be pure of blood (and other impurities), then to a greater extent, will it be obligatory to purify the heart. You were contemplating on masaail of haydh whilst leading salaah! Your heart was therefore stained with blood and that is why I prayed alone.”

Their wise mother replied, “Ahmed, your heart too is stained by blood” Why did you throw tawajju (inclination)
upon his heart? You should have remained steadfast upon your own concentration in salaah!

What insight! What a mother!


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