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Faith Equals Happiness

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Happiness is in your emaan, in reading the Qur'an, in your daily Salah, in pleasing Allah, in loving Allah, in helping others, or even in making others smile.


When you have no one, you have Allah with you. If you call on Him, He listens to you even if it’s in the middle of the night. If you have lost something or someone in life, know that Allah SWT will grant you something much better and there will be someone good in your life again. He takes and He gives. When you are in need, He is the first one who comes to your aid. He has truly blessed you with guidance and that's where the beauty lies. The beauty of Islam that shines inside of you. Loving Allah gives you so much peace. When you obey Him, you will find tranquillity. This is where your happiness lies, in being close to Allah. You need nothing else. You have Him - you have everything.

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