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Why Is The Simile In Tashahhud Special With Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.s) ?

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Why is the simile in Tashahhud special with Hadhrat Ibraaheem (a.s) ? and What is the reason for giving virtue to Hadhrat Ibraaheem (a.s) over Rasulullaah (s.a.w) in the Durud?


There are 2 questions here:


  1. In the tashahhud, why is the similarity drawn only with Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S).
  2. What is the reason for giving virtue to Hadhrat Ibraaheem  (A.S) over Rasulullaah (S.A.W) in Durud Sharif (as You have sent mercy upon Ibraaheem).

The answer to the first question is as follows,


  1. Honour for Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S).
  2. In lieu of the Du'aa he made for the Ummah of Rasulullaah (S.A.W) .
  3. Other Ambiyaa' were not included in his Du'aa.
  4. Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S) is the Khaleel (friend) of Allaah I and Rasulullaah (S.A.W)  is the Habeeb (beloved) of Allaah I.
  5. Hadhrat Ibraaheem  (A.S) was commanded to call the people for Hajj [surah Hajj, verse 27] and Rasulullaah (S.A.W)  was commanded to call towards Deen and Imaan [surah Aal Imraan, verse193].
  6. Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S) saw that Kalimah Tayyibah was written on the trees of Jannah in a dream, so he made Du'aa to Allaah I to establish his mention on the tongues of the Ummah of Rasulullaah (S.A.W)
  7. It could be because Allaah  has said,

وَ اجْعَلْ  لِّیْ   لِسَانَ  صِدْقٍ  فِی  الْاٰخِرِیْنَ ﴿ۙ۸۴﴾  

Maintain a favourable word for me among those who are to come.[surah Shu'araa (the Poets) 26:84]


  1. Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S) is the most virtuous of all the other Rasuls.
  2. He is the father of the believers, as Allaah I says,

مِلَّۃَ   اَبِیْكُمْ   اِبْرٰہِیْمَ ؕ

Follow the religion of your father Ibraaheem. [surah Hajj, verse78]


  1. Rasulullaah (S.A.W)  was given the order to follow Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S) , especially in the rituals of Hajj.
  2. Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S) also made this Du'aa, "O Allaah, make from me whichever old person of the Ummah of Muhammad performs Hajj..."

There are a number of replies to the second question, i.e. why has Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S) been given preference and virtue in Durud e Ibraaheem (as You have sent mercy upon Ibraaheem),


  1. Rasulullaah (S.A.W)   gave this similarity at the time when he did not know that he was more virtuous than Hadhrat Ibraaheem u.
  2. Rasulullaah gave virtue to Hadhrat Ibraaheem u out of humility and he commanded his Ummah to do the same.
  3. This similarity is not showing one person to be more virtuous than another, but it is related to an example, as Allaah I mentions in the Qur'aan,

اِنَّآ اَوْحَیْنَآ اِلَیْکَ کَمَآ اَوْحَیْنَا ٓ اِلٰی نُوْحٍ

Indeed We have sent revelation to you just as We had sent revelation to Nooh u. [surah Nisaa (Women) 4:164]

Or, fasting has been made obligatory upon you just as it was made obligatory upon those before you. The meaning of this is the reality of fasting, not its time and its form. This is like somebody saying, 'Do good to your children like how you do good to someone.' The meaning of this is the reality of goodness, not the amount. Therefore, the meaning of 'just as You had sent mercy upon Ibraaheem and the family of Ibraaheem' will be like these examples



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