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Three Types of Ṣabr:


Ṣabr is of three types.

1. Ṣabr in the face of a calamity.  Death of a loved one, car accident, loss of a job, muṣībah happens.  How do we do ṣabr at that point in time?  We act Islamically.  We don't say what we shouldn't say.  We don't move our hands and wail and cry.  We act responsibly and sensibly.  This is the first category of ṣabr.

2.  Restrain ourselves from committing sins.  If we see some alcohol and temptations come to drink it, some of us may have a problem with this, but they have ṣabr and control it.  This ṣabr is generally more difficult than the first category because in the first category, you can't help it if you are in an accident and have to be patient.  If somebody dies, what are you going to do?  You are forced into it.  In the second category, you have the will to do a sin, but ṣabr comes in and you restrain yourself.  The highest category of ṣabr is:

3.  Restrain yourself from permissible things and put yourself into worship of Allāh constantly. Allāh  says, be extra patient as you worship Him.  Praying five times a day is a sign of patience.  Fasting is a sign of patience.  Why?  Because you are withholding and restraining yourself in order to do these good deeds.

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