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The Pure Spouses (Of Rasulullaah صلى الله عليه وسلم) - Brief

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1.     Hadhrat Khadija al Kubra bint Khuwaylid bin Asad bin Abdul Uzzah bin Qusayy bin Kilaab radhiyallaahu anha. Her title was Umm e Hind. Rasulullaah  صلى الله عليه وسلم married her when he was 25, while she was 40.


2.     Hadhrat Sauda bint Zam'ah bin Qays bin Abd Shams bin Abdud bin Nasr bin Maalik bin Hasl bin Aamir bin Lu'ayy radhiyallaahu anha. Her dowry was 400 dirhams. She passed away in the khilafah of Hadhrat Umar (R.A).


3.     Hadhrat Maariya radhiyallaahu anha was the slavewoman of Rasulullaah  صلى الله عليه وسلم (from whom Hadhrat Ibraaheem t was born).


4.     Hadhrat Ayesha radhiyallaahu anha bint Hadhrat Abu Bakr t bin Abi Quhaafa Uthmaan bin Aamir bin Amr bin Ka'b bin Sa'd bin Taym bin Murra bin Ka'b bin Lu'ayy. She was 9 years of age when she married. It is said that she had a miscarriage. She passed away in Ramadhaan 58 A.H.


5.     Hadhrat Hafsah radhiyallaahu anha bint Hadhrat Umar bin Khattaab t bin Nufayl bin Abdul Uzza bin Rabaah bin Abdullaah bin Qurt bin Ridaah bin Adiy bin Ka'b bin Lu'ayy. It is narrated that Rasulullaah r took her back after divorcing her. She passed away in Sha'baan 45 A.H.


6.     Hadhrat Zaynab bint Khuzaymah radhiyallaahu anha bin Al Haarith bin Abdullaah bin Amr bin Abd Manaaf bin hilaal bin Aamir bin Sa'sa'ah bin Mu'awiyah Al Hilaliyyah. She was titled Umm al Masakeen. She was married in 3 A.H and passed away after 8 months.


7.     Umme Salamah Hind bint Umayyah radhiyallaahu anha bin Al Mugheera bin Abdullaah bin Amr bin Makhzoom bin Yaqdha bin Murra bin Ka'b bin Lu'ayy bin Ghaalib bin Fihr. She was married in 4 A.H and passed away in 62 A.H.


8.     Zaynab bint Jahsh radhiyallaahu anha bin Rubaab bin Ya'mur bin Sabra bin Murra bin Kabeer bin Ghanam bin Dudaan bin Asad bin Khuzaymah. Her name was Barra. Rasulullaah e kept her name Zaynab. She was married in 4 A.H when she was 35. She passed away in 20 A.H in Madinah Munawwarah.


9.     Hadhrat Juwayriyyah bint Al Haarith radhiyallaahu anha bin Abi Diraar bin Habeeb bin Aabid bin Maalik bin Khuzaymah - he was Mustaliq - bin S'ad bin Ka'b. Her name was also Barrah, and was named Juwayriyyah. She was married in 6 A.H and passed away in 56 A.H.


10.  Hadhrat Rayhaana bint Sham'un radhiyallaahu anha bin Zayd (from the Banu Nadeer tribe from the Banu Qurayzah). She was brought as a prisoner during the battle against the Banu Qurayzah. Rasulullaah e freed her and married her. 20 ½ uqiyah of silver was fixed as her dowry. There is difference of opinion with regards to her marriage. However, the scholars of Hadith have favoured the given explanation.


11.     Hadhrat Umm e Habeebah radhiyallaahu anha bint Abi Sufyaan Sahkr bin Harb bin Umayyah bin Abd Shams bin Abd Manaaf bin Qusayy Al Qurayshiyya Al Umawiyyah. Her name was Ramla. She was married in the court of Najashi in the 7th year of Nubuwwah for a dowry of 400 dinaars. She passed away in 40 A.H.


12.     Hadhrat Safiyya bint Huyayy radhiyallaahu anha bin Akhtab bin Shu'bah bin Tha'labah bin Ubayd bin Ka'b bin Al Khazraj bin Abi Habeeb ibn An NAdheer bin An Nihaam bin Takhoom. She was from the Bani Israa'eel, i.e. she was from the progeny of Hadhrat Haroon u.


13.     Hadhrat Maymoona bint al Haarith Al Hilaaliyyah was married at a place called Sarif. She passed away in 51 A.H.

Haafidh Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi and others have mentioned that Rasulullaah (s.a.w) made 7 other Nikaahs. There is a command to include the pure spouses in reciting Durud.


صلى الله عليه وسلم وعلى أزواجه وذرياته وسلم تسليما


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