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A Regular Teenage Life Is All About 'fun', Right?

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The moment we get home, we can't wait to hit the internet! Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter...oh and the need to check the email! Then we have a great plan ahead to hang out with our friends at this new cafe, then the much-anticipated shopping spree for the cousin's wedding...of course now you're tired and it's time to call it a day and hit the bed! There - you have successfully spent one entire day of your life! ... Or have you?


To be honest, you've not "spent" it, you've 'wasted' it. And no 'wasted' is not a harsh word. Let me explain -


I am not conveying that having fun is 'haraam'. But to make 'fun' the sole purpose of your life - now that's unhealthy! Primarily Allah sent us into this world for one and only one reason:

To get to know Him and to try to please Him in every way we possibly could. 


Now take a deep look into your daily life and see how much youremember Allah, your Creator? Where and when you try to please Him? Is your life 'all about me, myself and I'? Or is it about 'Allah'?!


You can please Him by learning about your religion (internet is a great source!), by being good to others, by offering your prayers, reading a small passage from the Quran daily, giving good time to your parents, having fun the halaal way to keep yourself fresh...


At least 'try'!


There are a lot of elements which are bent on trying to malign Islam. They are painting a false picture of Islam. In the midst of all this darkness, what role have we played to put an end to this all? 


We have a responsibilty. Life is not just about finishing a video game, or keeping up with the latest fashion or updating the FaceBook profile. Life has more to it.

Start scheming. Defend Islam. Learn Islam. And most importantly, IMPLEMENT ISLAM IN YOUR OWN LIFE FIRST!


Play your part. Live Islam and start with YOURSELF! 


You love Allah and His religion? Prove it...! 


I mean, we are here in this world to please our Creator; it would be the MOST shameful thing if we NEVER make it!


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