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Progressing Where...?

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Please read this with an open heart as it is not meant to be a rant but a sincere advice to my brothers and sisters.


First look at this - the new norm:

In addition to a plurality who now approve of same-sex marriage, Americans overwhelmingly support basic civil liberties and freedom of expression for gays and lesbians, in contrast to sharp division on such issues in the 1970s.


U. CHICAGO (US) — American attitudes toward gays and lesbians are rapidly changing to reflect greater acceptance, with younger generations leading the way, a new survey shows.


Taken together, the results show a clear “trend toward greater tolerance regarding homosexuality,” says Tom Smith, director of the General Social Survey (GSS) at NORC at the University of Chicago and author of the report, “Public Attitudes toward Homosexuality.”


We as Muslims take this as...?

The days are very near that disagreeing with homosexuality will be just as bad as being a racist. As we live in a time where people increasingly have no problem disagreeing with their own scriptures which they consider divine, we must remember that as Muslims we cannot reject one letter of the book of Allah. 


When Allah describes homosexuality as a repugnant shameless sin and details his punishment of a people that practiced sodomy, how can anyone who believes in Allah not find it immoral?


Quran 7:80-83

"And (remember) Lut, when he said to his people; "Do you commit the worst shameless sin such as none has preceding you committed among mankind and jinn? Verily, you approach men lustfully instead of women. Nay, but you are a people transgressing beyond bounds. And the answer of his people was only that they said: 'Drive them out of your town, these are indeed men who want to be pure (from sins)! Then (Allah) saved him and his family, except his wife; she was of those who remained behind (in the torment)."


Notice that the answer from the people of Lut (as) was to expel and threaten those who called them away from their sin. If as Muslims we don't take a clear stance on this, we will be forced to conform and watch this disease destroy our children. We will also start to see that the people who are supposed to be leading us will start to adopt strange baseless opinions and interpretations in order to steer clear of controversy.


Don't let the decaying standard of morality and rising neglect of faith cause you to lose your own faith and standard of morality set by Allah, His Messenger (salAllahu alayhi wa salam), and all of the companions and scholars over the last 1400 years. 


*None of you (truly) believes until his desire or inclination is in accordance with what Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) has brought or subservient to what he came with.*


Final comments:


The ethical/moral values of the US/West are not constant; they change. What was immoral and looked down upon a decade ago is now suddenly 'freedom of rights'. Best course of action is to stick to the steady, flawless teachings of Islam.



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