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An Imam was teaching a weekend class to teenage boys. He noticed one of his students a Sixteen year old called Naseem looked distracted, he had been like that for several weeks now, In almost every class he would sit day dreaming. So the Imam asked him to stay behind after class. As the class finished and the other students left.

The Imam asked " O Naseem I see that your mind has been distracted for several weeks now. Is there anything troubling you?." Naseem shook his head. " There Must be something wrong, Is everything okay at home?" The Imam asked: "Yes everything is fine sir" replied Naseem. "How about school? you are not being bullied are you ? if so I can come and speak to your teachers." Naseem again shook his head." Okay you may leave." said the Imam.

That evening the Imam reflected on his conversation with the young man and finally it occurred: " Aha" he said: " The Boy has a Crush on some girl".

So the following week the boys were employed in helping clear some land adjacent to the mosque which had been purchased by the worshipers to be used as a car park. All the bushes and brambles were cut down and were set alight . As the boys stood and watched the fire The Imam called over Naseem he said: "O Naseem I know what has been distracting you, You have a crush on some girl". Naseem blushed and did not say anything. " Naseem concentrate on your studies and do not get involved in such things, for it is Haram to engage in such behaviour."

"But I love her". replied Naseem The Imam said "you really love her".
" Yes" replied Naseem . would you be willing to jump into that fire for her if she asked you?" " No" replied Naseem in astonishment; " So you don't really love her?" Said the Imam " Yes I do" replied Naseem; " Then prove it let me see you place just one finger in the heat of that fire" "No" shouted Naseem clearly frightened by the Imams behaviour. " O Naseem if you are unwilling to place just one finger into this fire of the duniya then how will you cope with the fire of hell? which is far, far worse if she is not worth jumping into this fire, then how can she be worth jumping into the fire of hell ?"

If you go down this path it will harm both your Duniyah and Akhira, you will suffer anguish and heartbreak. Naseem it is better to get married, would you like to have a wife who is chaste and modest?", "Yes", replied Naseem: "Then guard your chastity for the sake of Allah and Allah will bless you with a wife who is chaste and pious he will bless you with children who are god fearing and obedient." A few months later Naseem stopped attending classes.

One day about ten years later as the Imam was leaving the Masjid, a handsome young man adorned with a beard and white turban. greeted the Imam and Embraced him. The Imam was puzzled he did not recognize this young man what could be his reason for showing such familiarity and affection he thought to himself.

" Sir do you recognize me". asked the Youngman; " I do not recognize you my son perhaps you have mistaken me for someone else." " sir you advised me many years ago that before falling into the sin of Zina, I should reflect whether the woman was worth jumping into the fire for, you also told me that if I wished to have a wife who is chaste and pious I should ensure that I guard my own chastity."

" Oh yes you must be young Naseem what a wonderful surprise", exclaimed the Imam

"Yes I am Naseem , Imam sahib I just happened to be in town on business I thought I would stop by and thank you for the wonderful advice that you gave me as a teenager. Due to it I was prevented from falling into sin, many times I was tempted and by the grace of Allah your words would resonate in my mind,
"Is she worth it ? would you be willing to jump into the fire for her?" and " If you wish to have a wife who is chaste then Guard your chastity." Today I am reaping the benefits from the fruits of patience. I have the most wonderful wife and children and there are many other blessings that Allah has bestowed on me.Whilst many of my friends who fell into the sin of zina are today suffering the consequences of what they did."

"All Praise is for Allah who allowed my words to penetrate your heart" said the Imam joyfully.

Written By Julaybib.(sunniforum.com)

Dedicated to Imam Siraj Wahaj who has a way of explaining Islam to the youth that very few can match may Allah protect him and preserve him ameen.

when Shaytaan is Whispering in your heart then reflect on these words:

" Is she worth a place in the fire?" and " Do you wish to have a chaste wife? If so then guard your Chastity."

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