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Whispers In The Heart.


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As Salaam Alaykum.

Shabbir a young student of knowledge had been thinking of ways he could help in the work of dawah whilst at the same time remaining engaged in his studies He finally got a great idea and yet it was so obvious he was amazed he overlooked it, So he went enthusiastically to his teacher Shaykh Saleem to present his idea; " Sir I have been considering as to how I can best help serve the deen, I have come up with an idea. If you let me I would like to transcribe your speeches and post them on the web. Better still I think that we should set up a website, that way we shall be able to benefit countless number of people and perhaps guide them towards the deen."

The Shaykh responded; " Oh young man have I not told you not to go near the internet, for within it is a great fitnah. You will end up losing both your deen and your dunya."

Shabbir disheartened by the Shaykh's strong reaction replied ; " Sir through the internet we can help spread the deen to thousand's if not millions, I only ask your permission for the sake of serving the deen. I am well aware of many immoral sites being present on the internet. I seek to establish an Islamic website. I do not wish to set up a site for dating or other immoral activities."

The Shaykh detecting the young man's disappointment said: " Shabbir I was just about to take my afternoon walk in the park, why don't you join me. and we can discuss this issue further."

As they walked through the park Shabbir was thinking of ways in which he could convince the Shaykh about the benefits of modern technology. The Shaykh broke the silence; "Why don't we go over and give our salaams to Tariq" he said: "Whose Tariq ?" enquired Shabbir, as the Shaykh walked briskly in the direction of some oak trees, Shabbir hurriedly chased after him as they got closer to the Oak trees he saw that beneath one of the Large oak trees was a wooden bench on it sat a homeless man holding a bottle of alchohol in his hands. He looked as if he had not had a bath in years, He was wearing jeans that were covered in dirt, and a t shirt that had the remnants of food attached to it.

The Shaykh went across and greeted Tariq and offered a few kind words to him. Tariq who was clearly drunk, seemed to be in a world of his own, he slurred as he spoke and very little of what he said could be comprehended, the shaykh promised to make dua for the drunk, and returned to join shabbir.

The Shaykh spoke " I see you did not go over to greet Tariq perhaps you think you are superior to him." "Excuse me sir but he is a useless drunk I mean how could anybody become like that, may Allah protect us from such people",replied Shabbir.
The Shaykh said;"What If I were to tell you that he was once one of my students, and not just an ordinary student he was perhaps the brightest I ever had." "He used to be a student of religious knowledge" exclaimed shabbir in surprise.

"Yes and let me tell you how he reached his present condition. about five years ago he came to me with the exact same proposal that you did today. He wanted to set up an Islamic website to help preach the deen. Normally I would have been quite apprehensive but was no ordinary student, he had an exceptional ability as a preacher. during his free time he would work tirelessly in helping the young men on the streets and many were guided due to his efforts.

So anyway he set up a website for Islam and it became very popular attracting,
alot of the youth Tariq would sympathetically deal with the problems of the young, and he was admired by many. I would periodically check with him as to how things were going. He would point to me the articles that were being posted on this website by young muslims. After several months I noticed something disturbing everytime I would sit with him. He would show me some articles that were posted on the website, the only problem was that the articles he was so enthusiastically speaking of were being posted by the same person a young muslimah.

I told him Tariq my son fear Allah and seek refuge from shaytaan for his whispers are penetrating your heart. Her articles are no better then the rest. It seems to me that the seeds from the disease of zina are growing in your heart. he got extremely angry and accused me of slandering him. I decided to shut down the site to protect the young muslims from his fitnah. Tariq out of anger stopped attending my weekly study circles.

I saw him some months later in the street he had shaved of his beard. He was now dressed in Jeans and other designer wear. zina had firmly been planted in his heart. He left his wife for another woman some months later the woman left him along with all his savings. He ended up heavily in debt and ended up living on the streets. Thus you see his condition today. So Shabbir I hope you will now understand my reasons for refusing your request. So my son never consider your self immune to this disease, protect your Imaan and engage in your studies.

Also you have to remember that Shaytaan has very subtle ways in corrupting the heart and planting the seeds of desire within it. In the real world the muslim might take strict measures in keeping his interaction with the opposite gender to a minimum. On the internet and especially it being an islamic site. He may become lax, the shaytaan will then play tricks with his mind. He may come across someone on the internet who is a complete opposite in manner and speech to his wife for example, he might find the persons personality attractive, he will start harboring thoughts about that person. Pretty soon if he does not control them, then his desires will be awakened and he will seek to satisfy them by the means of an illicit relationship."

So Shabbir seek refuge with Allah and stay away from such things."

Story written By Julaybib. (sunniforum.com)

Inspired by a talk of Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed (db). Called Shaytans temptation of the Youth.

and an article I read on this exact issue, a real life story of a sister whose religious husband had started participating in Islamic forums to do dawah work and he ended up falling prey to the whisperings of shaytaan, and becoming heedless.

May Allah protect us all from falling into such heedlessness

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