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Does Europe Have A Problem With Islam/muslims?

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Asslamo Allaikum,


The doors to Iberian Peninsula (roughly modern day spain) were opened by the Galant 17 year old Muslim General Tariq Ibn Ziyad (RA) between 711-718. Around the 29th of April 711 the army of General Tariq Ibn Ziyad (RA)
landed near a mountain and against heavy odds famously ordered all the
boats to be burnt and to fight for the sake of Allah (SWT) with the
ocean on their back and enemy in the front.


The mountain where the army of General Tariq Ibn Ziyad (RA) drew the line in the sand and irrigated the soil of Europe with their blood of Shahadah to this day is called Jabal At-Tariq (Mountain of Tariq, latinised by later Europeans to be Gibraltar)


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