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An Invitation To Islam


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This is a message to the non-Muslims of the world. I wish to echo this message in every building, slum, desert, house, media outlet and corner street. I am not calling you to a race, ideology, or country. Instead, I am calling you to something that has no boundaries in this world. I am calling you all to the eternal light of Islam.


It is the same God that Abraham humbled himself to which I am calling all of you. It is the same call that all the Prophets called to: “Worship Allah and reject disbelief”. Verily, there is none worthy of worship except Allah alone and Muhammad is His final Messenger. To Him alone belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and there is not a soul that has a share in His Magnificence. He is Allah; He is not in need of anything but everything depends on Him. There is none like Him as He is above everything. If you choose to accept this call, with Allah’s mercy you will taste the beauty of Islam and enjoy life to its maximum even if you were the poorest person under the sky. That’s because you will live Islam in every action of yours and live with the knowledge that Allah has preserved a remarkable gift for you in Paradise. You will find that following the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad will become your occupation as it will be the coolness of your eyes. Islam will teach you that every ism, including materialism, is a mere creation of Allah and that it will perish. But Allah will never perish. As a Muslim, your life will begin to revolve around the daily prayer which is to be established five times.


The prayer is a re-connection from the spiritual avenues of your heart to Allah directly. If performed correctly, you will feel a change in your spiritual station. In our materialistic world of globalization, it’s easy to forget Allah. So the prayer is a chance to repent, mend your ways, build on your weaknesses, cleanse your heart, and dampen your soul in the remembrance of Allah.


You will also begin to realize that your wealth is nothing but a test from Allah. The annual zakat requires a Muslim to give 2.5% of their wealth from the previous year’s earnings to charity. Wealth can be both troublesome and a blessing. If abused, every penny will be counted against you on the Day of Judgment. If used for good causes, it will elevate your status in Allah’s eyes. You will also come to the realization that you will have a bank in the hereafter. This bank however has no paper money, coins, or gold. Rather, it is a bank of deeds. If your good deeds outweigh your evil sins, you will and nothing but felicity from Allah. You add to your deeds from this world by doing all sorts of acts of worship prescribed and explained by Islam. The one who rushes to fill his bank of good deeds in this world will be the one who will and ease entering Paradise in the next, by the permission and kindness of Allah.


Through Islam you will find a return to your inner self and natural being. Every year in the month of Ramadan, the Muslim is required to fast for a full month. Each day he will fast from dawn to dusk and break his fast with food. Throughout the day, he makes an extra attempt to stay away from all sorts of sins whether it be from the tongue, heart etc. – and he does his best to busy himself in all different types of worship whether it be reading the Qur’an, repeating Allah’s name, visiting the sick, giving to the poor, doing additional prayers, cleaning the mosque, using his time with friends and family to talk on Islamic affairs, spreading Islam to others or even smiling. In the night, he stands up in prayer and recites the beautiful verses of the Qur’an to strengthen hisfaith, conviction, wisdom and character.


The hajj is what the Muslim performs once in his lifetime if he has the means. The Muslim travels to Makkah and performs the prescribed acts of worship there. This time is to be spent in changing your habits and lifestyle for the better. Finally, the one who rejects Islam will have to face the consequences of his disbelief on the Day of Judgment. The day where the hair of a child will turn grey and the pregnant woman will drop her load due to the great terror felt on that day. Those who die as practicing Muslims, and not die in a state of sin, will be of those that are the successful. Those who chase after the life of this world will feel its poisonous pangs in the hereafter: a punishing fire that tortures people eternally in the most ferocious of ways. Those who chase after the life of the next will experience pleasures that no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard, and no mind has ever thought of: an eternal life of delight and happiness, empty of troubles and difficulties.


- By the brother Hazim al Malahim (May Allah protect him)


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